Looks like a client for the Ebay XML API may be coming soon: Proposal for Services_Ebay, thanks to Stephan “Where does he find the time” Schmidt

Why is that interesting? Well having wasted an evening painstakingly selling just a few baby clothes (and there’s boxes of them) on EBay (someone call the Accessibility Police!), I’m dying to waste yet more time writing a command line tool that saves time next time, perhaps tied up with ImageMagick so the digital camera pics are “shrunk” to an acceptable size.

PEAR::Services_Ebay currently only seems to provide browsing methods but from a quick glance at Ebay’s XML API (which I don’t know at all), looks like you can add items with it as well.

PEAR provides some other packages like Services_ExchangeRates, Services_Weather and Services_Google. Guess if it saves time, it’s good news.

Seems I wasn’t paying attention. There’s more Services_* packages in the PEAR proposal system; Services_Amazon, Services_EPP (domain management) and Services_LiveJournal.