By Harry Fuecks

PEAR::Services_Ebay ready

By Harry Fuecks

Was grumbling about the Ebay user interface a while back. The good news is Stephan and what he’s done with PEAR::Services_Ebay (well worth a read) looks very much like it’s going to be accepted.

What’s more the design looks excellent – check this out for example – the names of the classes already pretty much tell you everything this package does. The only “bad news” is you’ll need PHP5 to use it.

  • brolewis

    Harry, I find your ‘bad news’ to be good news. I think that we need some solid PHP5 projects to serve as ‘the killer app’ for PHP5. As more applications take advantage of PHP5, I think that it will encourage the use of PHP5, which I find to be a step in the right direction.

  • Agree – think it will be demand for particular applications that drives PHP5 into use. Gonna be interesting to watch.

  • Adam Trachtenberg

    I got a “preview release” view of Services_EBay over the past few weeks, and I’m really excited about what Stephen’s been doing. He’s showing off exactly how PHP 5 allows you to write better software and toolkits.

    For those people who want to talk to eBay using PHP 4, there is another PHP SDK. Written by Carsten Harnisch, it’s the eBay Acellerator Toolkit for PHP. It’s not as elegant as Services_EBay, but it’s very comprehensive, and sure beats starting from scratch.

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