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Pay What You Want for 12 Microsoft Office Courses

By SitePoint Offers



Free JavaScript Book!

Write powerful, clean and maintainable JavaScript.

RRP $11.95

Think keeping a candy jar on your desk will make you the office MVP? Well, it will. But there’s another way, too—mastering Microsoft office with this 12-course bundle. Pay what you want for it at SitePoint Shop.

This bundle contains $990 worth of Microsoft Office courses that’ll help you work faster and smarter. You’ll learn your way around Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, OneNote, and Powerpoint, mastering essential time-saving functions, turning huge amounts of data into powerful visuals, creating sleek presentations, streamlining email, and more…everything you need to impress your boss.

Valued at close to a grand, the opportunity to pay what you want for a bundle this big doesn’t come around often. Go grab it at SitePoint Shop!

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