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Pay What You Want for 10 Game Development Courses

By SitePoint Offers



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Pay what you want for 10 game development courses

Some of the best game development courses out there…all in one place? That doesn’t come around often. Paying what you want for all 10 of them, valued at $1,601 total? Even rarer. Don’t miss your chance to pay what you want for the Hardcore Game Dev Bundle at SitePoint Shop.

Whether you’re a total beginner or have some experience in game development already, you’re bound to pick up some new skills. Learn your way around Swift, C#, Unity, HTML5, Corona SDK, JavaScript, and more—all as you get hands-on experience build games from scratch. You’ll create menus, write scripts to track scores, add animations and music, create in-app purchases, source free game art, and plenty of other skills that’ll serve you well long pas this course bundle. There’s even advice for running your own indie game dev studio.

Told you this was a can’t-miss deal. Pay what you want for the Hardcore Game Dev Bundle at SitePoint Shop.

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