Panoramas Made Easy

This is pretty slick stuff.

Matthew Brown is a PhD from University of British Columbia who worked on Microsoft’s photo-stitch software as an intern over 2003/04.

He now applies the experience he gained there with his knack for AI to produce his own impressive ‘Autostitch‘.


The demo is free at this stage (but possibly not for long).

Using it is so simple that there is almost no user interface. Grab your digital camera, walk out outside and spin around clicking off shots at random (50 is a good number to work with).

Then simply start ‘Autostitch’, go to ‘File/Open’, select all your pics (holding ‘shift’) and click ‘Open’. About 20 seconds later the software has automatically matched every edge, shape and color and given you back a finished panorama. There are other options that can be adjusted, but the default setting is so slick I wasn’t motivated to change them.

My camera battery was dying, so I only had time to shoot about 20 shots for the test below — ideally it needs about double the data that I gave it — but the effect is still pretty impressive.

In short, if you can imagine yourself working on real estate, tourism or hospitality web sites in the future, this could prove very useful.