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OSCON 2007: Windmill: Automated Testing of Your Ajax Web Applications

    Matthew Eernisse

    Mikeal Rogers is a QA Development Engineer at the Open Source Applications Foundation, and has a blog at semanticmikeal.com

    Adam Christian is also a QA Development Engineer at the Open Source Applications Foundation. His blog is at t0asted.com

    (Disclaimer: I work at OSAF and am a committer on the Windmill project.) This talk started with Adam showing a brief demonstration of using Windmill to test the Ajax Web UI for OSAF’s Chandler Server, including drag/drop testing of the calendar view.

    The talk continued with Mikeal describing the reason for building a brand-new framework rather than using an existing tool like Selenium — frustration with the inability debug broken tests. Windmill is designed to allow tests to be paused and debugged interactively.

    They followed with a brief overview of Windmill’s Python/JavaScript architecture, and ended with a demonstration of the cross-browser recorder that can be used to create tests from the Windmill IDE without writing code.

    Mikeal and Adam have their slides available online here.

    They have some screenshots and screencasts available online here.