By Kevin Yank

Opera turns 10: Get your free registration code!

By Kevin Yank

In celebration of 10 years of the Opera browser, the company is hosting an online anniversary party. Among other things, the site includes a slideshow history of the browser, a contest for the most creative “birthday wishes” submission, and… and this is the big one… free registration codes for the Opera browser!

It appears they are enforcing a two-code limit for each visitor to the site, but hey–that’s two free copies of Opera without ads that you didn’t have before. Jump on them before the party’s over!

Happy birthday, Opera — you never stop surprising us.

  • Bugger… you beat me to it Kevin. I just discovered about this elsewhere and rushed here to tell everyone ;)


  • Knew about this quite some time ago, a bit of a delayed reaction there? I’ve picked up a registration code for my only non-registered version.

    Opera is my favorite piece of software and I hope that giving out these free registration codes gets them some new users! :D

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • s1579271

    Stuff Kev…

  • Hope doing this doesn’t devalue their software brand too much… or charmedlover might have to start using firefox!

  • Michal

    Wow, Opera looks so strange without the Google Ads bar ;-) I love the browser…

  • [quote]Hope doing this doesn’t devalue their software brand too much… or charmedlover might have to start using firefox![/quote]

    That would never happen, lol. I own a Mac, so my second choice is Safari. On Windows, K-Meleon is nice. Firefox is no where on my to-use list. ;)

  • Well, it might actually get me to try using Opera on a more regular bases. Wish more companies would do this :)

  • arghhh…
    my skeptism killed me.
    no more free drinks.
    guess i’ll have to wait for the 20th anniversary.

  • It´s a good browser, a nice give-away and marketing that works at this moment. But normally they are too calm. I don´t want them to start a campain like firefox but a little more then nothing wouldn´t hurt.

  • DONMAC17

    When Opera shows up on 25% or more office and corporate desktops, then I’ll take this over-priced piece of fluff seriously.

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