By Andrew Tetlaw

Opera 9.5 is a CSS Champion

By Andrew Tetlaw

A screen shot of the Opera 9.5 home pageOpera 9.5 is finally out after 2 years of development. Often the underdog browser of the big 4, Opera’s continuous dedication to web standards support has always been commendable. I’ve just been putting it through its paces on the SitePoint CSS Reference Live Demos, and it does extremely well. For instance it supports all the CSS3 selectors in our reference. Well done I say!

  • If it wasn’t for firebug, opera would be my browser of choice. It’s great to see this release finally out there and hopefully it will continue to push the competition to provide better standards support.

  • @ Bling,

    Well then you may be pleased to find out that Opera has their own ‘firebug’ called Dragonfly…

  • justinbezanson

    This is proving to be an exciting round of releases fromt he major browsers. Firefox 3 and Opera 9.5 are imporving on an already solid foundation. WebKit is kicking butt with their fast paced adoption of CSS3 and news of an insanely fast JS engine in SquirellFish. Also, finally IE8 should pull MS out of 1998 with CSS 2.1 support and a host of JS improvements.

    It is exciting to be in webdesign. Now if only IE6 would die already!

  • Browsers should be written to completely stop working after 3 years. Developers wouldn’t have to support out dated rendering engines, and browser authors would have a deadline to work to :)

  • Opera

    That page looks great. Im thinking opera is going to start catching up to firefox in terms of user #s

  • Will

    Whenever I think of that browser, I think of oprah winfrey… which is a bad thing. They should have named it something different.

  • leo

    In terms of browsers and webdesign, yes, Opera may someday catch up with Firefox, it has always respect standards like everyone should and that’s gonna pay off soon..

    But talking about a whole web development platnotform, no way, Firefox’s the king.

    And don’t even talk about the fact that Firefox has already crossed that line in which you describe it as a browser.. Why? One word: “Extensions”.

    It’s a whole desktop environment! Ok.. Went too far *shy*

  • Now that makes me think if I should be worrying about debugging CSS in opera. It will catch on fast, but it can still fail to bring on more users. Its like gmail, it has horrible support of development languages in emails, but it still comes out on top.

  • Well, it must be doing well, because I can’t reach the download site. Overloaded, probably. Bodes well for the release. I’ll try again tomorrow.

  • Gilles

    It seems that opera has less then 1% of market share, its a shame…

  • Rone

    justinbezanson, amen to that!!! I wish IE6 would completely go away!

  • Been using Opera since 3.x, loving it!

  • Josekus

    I use Opera for brownsing ( is that the word?) and Firefox for design (cuz Firebug rulez) It helps when i need to have the documentation of certains frameworks open in Opera while I development the page in firefox. ^^

  • Mr Freeze

    Honestly, all the browser vendors are members of the W3C team. Apple, Opera, Mozilla, Microsoft, etc … ALL of them are members of the W3C.

    Instead of making war to dominate the browser market, they rather should work together, take the best pieces of their respective browsers (IE7, FF3, O 9.51, Safari 3) and provide and UNIQUE browser that would be really nice. And that would greatly simplify the task of developers and webdesigners.

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