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This is pretty cool. SourceForge is a huge (the largest, I’m sure) open source software web site. There are thousands of projects hosted there at SF and a surprising number are ColdFusion Projects. I expected to find only a couple of projects, maybe 10 or so, but when I do a simple search under Software/People, I come up with about 3 pages worth of projects, from business application toolkits (calendar, address book, contacts, etc.) to content management systems to IP country look ups.

So, my resolve is to get involved to some extent with the open source community. I’m in the process of getting a couple of commercial products out, but I feel like I should contribute to the open source community as well. Shouldn’t you? Get started at SourceForge!

  • Good idea Dave. I don’t think you can underestimate the free promotional value that the availability of loads of free sourceforge projects have given to PHP over the past 5 years. For lots of people starting out coding, having a working application to play with is the quickest way to learn a language.

  • An important note to remember – open source does not necessarily equal free. That is why so often you will see the phrase “free and open source” used for some free software. There is a distinction. Some free software is closed source, some open, and others you have to buy but source comes along with it.

    You can open source a product and sell it, or release it for free as open source and sell service and support or additional consulting. You can also go quasi-open source (Microsoft) – in essence selling a product, and providing the source with the sale in some cases but not allowing public disclosure of the source or re-distribution.

    Point is – you can profit in open source just as much as you can in proprietary mode – however – the stakes are much higher in open source as you are disclosing your methods, code and functionality publicly for scrutiny and review prior to the first sale. It takes confidence in your product’s architecture and qa as well as the grace to receive criticism that in some cases will improve your product in ways you had not considered.

    Final note – I second AlexW’s opinion as well – contributing to an existing open source product surely will provide both exposure to your reputation as well as valuable experience working in a very disparate environment.

  • Ben Pate

    One of the fundamental problems is that ColdFusion is not really recognized in the open source world, because the people who are generally interested in building open source software will want to do it on using an open source language (such as PHP, python, etc).

    It’s a challenge, but not an insurmountable one for the CF community. Now more than ever CF developers are putting effort into building their community. No doubt it’s because of the rise of other platforms like .NET and PHP. The CF language still has advantages over the competition, but the real decision maker for most people at this point is the developer community. Compare the job postings on Monster (or any job board) for different platforms to prove my point. Without an active community of developers CF WILL fade away. That’s just Darwin at work.

    Open source+CF has more potential to energize this critical developer community than anything else I can think of. More than Blacksone, Flash/Flex integration, or Dreamweaver MX. It’s really kinda exciting :)

    — Ben Pate

  • Its good to see the cf open source is coming along (slowly) .. Im going to join up :)

    2 areas that the cf community needs to address post haste: lack of any REAL forum application and there seems to be no real functional system to generate SEF urls!

    I just registered a domain for the first one ;)

  • chetan sabhaya

    hi i am new user of mail enable and i want code for coldfusion for add mail box and delete mail box

    please reply me on



  • chetan sabhaya

    hi i am new user of mail enable and i want code for coldfusion for add mail box and delete mail box

    please reply me on



  • Lara


    My name is Lara Thynne and I am a PhD candidate at Deakin University Australia. I am currently running a survey at the following address.

    The survey is completely confidential and looks at your views and motivations to use Open Source software and to participate in the community.

    It will only take a few minutes and your contact details will not be recorded. You can withdraw your participation at any stage.

    Thanks again


  • Anonymous

    I have a new forum that I have just finished developing in CF. The forum using a unicode database as has all the features of the big boys. A workign version can be seen at .

    I am offering the product for free provided that the copious advertising part is maintained which generates cash into the forum, the good thing abaout this is you can register as a copious webmaster and get paid for each add just like google.

    The forum is open source and the license is I do Not care how you use it except dont rip me off if you remove teh copious advertising the payme $50 for the code.

    It also has areas built in for google advertising.

    I have written a full help file with install instructions, any advice? anyone out there want to host the file for download, or link to a download page I setup?

    Contact me on

  • There’s now an Adobe / Coldfusion “sourceforge” clone called RIAForge:

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