By aspatton

Open Source and Microsoft

By aspatton

I’ve been knee deep in Mono for the past month or so, and I’m very impressed with its features and compatibility with Microsoft’s version. I like the idea of my C# skills being transferrable to a whole new set of operating systems, but I’m still a bit uneasy about the combination of open source with Microsoft-based technologies. While C# and the CLI are now industry-accepted standards, other core-.NET technologies like ADO.NET and ASP.NET are not. Both ADO.NET and ASP.NET have been ported to Mono, but I wonder how long Microsoft will put up with their proprietary technologies being freely used on non-Windows systems where they get no monetary reward. Maybe the number of Mono installations will never reach critical mass so it won’t be a issue, but I wonder.

  • Mono, and especially ASP.NET running on Mono sounds really cool, but I’ve not yet taken the time to try it because I’m not sure what limitations there are still. Is Mono’s ASP.NET up to scratch, or are there unimplemented areas that still need to be finished?

  • Jason S

    I am still not convinced with the MONO stuff. I recently burnt my fingers, installing it. (Oh my Goodness, THERE IS NO NEXT-NEXT-I ACCEPT stuff to install in Linux, Even in 21st Century we are forced to install in Linux using the Command Prompt…… The age of DOS in late 80’s). I have tried MONO before about an year back, but with little success.

    In my opinion, Mono is a Good initiative but still not fruit-ful. Imagine, even after me spending 2-3days with it…. Still I was unable 2 compile my own HELLO WORLD program


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    Jason S

  • Rabid Dog

    This might be a bit premature but I get the feeling .NET is going to MIcrosofts biggest win or their utter downfall. Time will tell

  • aspatton

    I haven’t had a lot of compatibility problems, but my ASP.NET applications written with Mono in mind have been small. The Mono site lists some common areas where problems may arise:
    The files on the ASP.NET application are themselves are camel-cased, like “Login.aspx” but the pages on the site are hard coded to reference “login.aspx”.
    The application uses the Registry to store settings (Mono does not implement the registry on Unix).
    The application makes use of a library not provided in Mono (EnterpriseServices for example).
    I can’t see any major problems other than this list. The Mono community has done a fine job porting ASP.NET. The real key (as with any development) is being aware of what is available in Mono .

  • shawn

    maybe i’m a purist. or, possibly i just miss the point. but, imo, porting asp to linux is a waste. especially when rich, robust languages like php, perl, python, ruby, etc already exist.

    i really don’t see a need, fundamentally, for a port of asp…or that matter .net at all.

  • aspatton

    If you are curious, you can take Mono for a test spin at monoForge. They are providing free mono hosting, but I’m not sure how long it will last.

  • Ted Thomas

    Hey Tony– all my best regarding your new role on this site. I have read with interest about Mono in the past and wondered how well it would work. Since it is open source, I can’t believe MS is happy about it, but what they can do about it is another question. How well does it do web services?


  • I’m really pleased to see the interest in Mono continues. I

  • aspatton

    I haven’t had a chance to put Mono through the motions with regards to Web Services. Consequently, I can’t offer firsthand knowledge, but everything I’ve read says it works the same as the Microsoft version of the .NET platform.

  • Tom van der Vlugt

    I’ve played somewhat with Mono on my AMD64 Linux home-computer. The editor ‘monodevelop’ still contains numerous bugs, but the command-line tools are very reliable. I’ve managed to input an example graphical program, compile and run it without further problems. Only monodevelop isn’t stable yet.

  • Mohan

    Mono is still not at a mature stage. Still a long way to go.. Because these projects follows the Microsoft features it always lags behind. I still bet on Java and PHP on a solid Linux or BSD Unix as open source champions in web.
    – Open Source supporter from Coimbatore City

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