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By Joel Falconer

Open Mic: What Awesome Designs Are You Working On?

By Joel Falconer

It’s the start of an exciting new year and to celebrate the enthusiasm that comes with the start of January, we want to give you the chance to go wild in the comments and brag about the latest projects you’ve been working on.

Huge new website redesign for a big company or hyped startup? A logo for your own side project? Nothing is too big or too small — feel free to include links so other readers can take a look. 2012 is shaping up to be a big year. Tell us about your big plans!

  • Javier

    Redoing a website. It’s a nightmare! old design (it looks like a regular site from 2004…)

    These guys hired me to completely redo the html. They want the design keeps the same, but change the whole old structure.

    – Tables everywhere
    – inline css with no order at all
    – font tags
    – images instead custom fonts
    – random use of p or span tags
    – not a single h tag in the entire site

  • Just finished the build for this weird and wonderful design for some talented change leadership people:

    • That’s a very interesting method of presenting navigation.

    • Really nice interface and use of good structure – well done.

    • Joeri Bakker

      Wow, that’s a pretty novel navigation system. Very inventive indeed!

      • Thanks for all the kind comments, it almost didn’t get built, I couldn’t find a way to make the irregular target areas look clean, but then found some work with good old html image maps and that was the prompt that got it to the *it can be done* stage. heavy on jQuery and CSS3 stuff it still looks okay on most browsers.

        Even IE6, with a little help from PIE.

    • Love the creative functionality!

    • Matador

      The navigation is dead with JS off, though, so that’s a downside for me. Remember progressive enhancement. :)

      • Tony Crockford

        Well, the animation is dead, but the links all work and the content will still load without javascript if you click a tab, so I think it degrades okay.

        It’s an image map but even in a text only browser there’s a list of links.

        I’m okay with how it works in various unique and rare circumstances.

        Most people will see it as expected.


  • Joeri Bakker

    I’m currently working on a website that serves as a place holder until the real website comes along. It’s supposed to serve as a digital business card, and therefor I’ve gone with a very minimalist style. A bit overdone, but I think it serves the visitor well in quickly finding the wanted information. The website is in Dutch.

    Curious to see what you think, or if you have any constructive comments. What is everybody else working on?

    • I like it. Clean, simple and light. As it is for a diet shop the look suits it very well.

      • Joeri Bakker

        Thank you! Exactly what I was going for.Sadly, the introductory text is missing, which makes the page a little empty, even, but that’ll soon be rectified.

  • Nice of you to give your readers an opportunity to tell about their own work.

    I want to mention my pet project JungleDragon:

    It’s a long running project that I do on the side, currently a one-man project where I do everything: design, coding, db, marketing, you name it.

    The purpose of the site is to share wildlife. Right now this concerns mostly photos but I’m looking to add knowledge as well. The site is still young and its growing slowly, but it’s well received and a new challenge for me to chew on. As a nice side effect, I get to learn all kinds of new technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Google Maps, oAuth, etc.

    • Wow, Ferdy, beautiful site. Very nice feel, and access to lots of information without being busy.

      Kudos 2 U!

    • Awesome site! I went to check it out and got lost in there for while. I especially liked the Belize photos, i’m hoping to go there someday.

    • Peter

      Overall, I like it, but it looks to me like you could use a little more margin on the left side of your pages.

  • Just completed Custom Car Suspension Shop for a Local Company in AZ –

    • Joeri Bakker

      Those flash animations are seriously fancy, but I do think you need to implement a global ‘sound off’ button in there, for the sake of user friendly and unintimidating browsing.

  • Agency complete overhaul-

    Also working on about 6 other web projects so the time crunch has been vicious considering I am the only creative.

    • Hello Michael, the link “Web & Code Development” is broken. There is a double .html.html which leads to a 404 page. Very nice Design!

  • Stacy

    – Website for an organization
    – My own app

  • Just deployed a site to help keep car owners updated on their vehicles financing and trading options.

  • Just persuaded a baking made cake-making business startup friend to consider switching baking fat brands to one of the ones I made websites for. In return I’m designing her logo. And I get a free fruitcake as added incentive. Awesome.

  • Hi! I thought I’d mention that I redesigned and launched my portfolio website (mobile compatible) just a month ago. :)

    And also designed in the year 2011, was my wedding website that might be of interest!

  • We overhauled our website this last month: with a new brand identity and company direction.

  • Just finished designing, coding, and launching a website for Chicago area pro wrestler, Justin Reno. It’s a somewhat different design, but that was part of the fun in creating it for him.

  • Thanks for letting us brag!

    I just finished a website for an online ministry at as well as I am currently in the process of rebranding my business, Social Media Smartie.

  • Here’s a logo I designed in icon form and as packaging graphics. The company makes 100% organic soy pasta. The leaves and plants in the color version are soy plants.

    The website is my puppetry website. There’s a new page (with terrible pix) of a puppet theater mounted on a wheelchair at

  • I am working on redesigning a few corporate websites. Here is my updated web design portfolio:

    Happy New Year!

  • Just finished a revamp of my own web site last month, and am getting near completion of a complete revamp of a church site: (new site wip at the subdomain; old site can be viewed at base domain).

  • Just finished up an architecture firm website project. Feedback is welcomed!

  • Just finished up an architecture firm website project. Feedback is welcomed!

    (sorry for the double post, forgot to add the link in the first)

  • I just recently took an ecommerce redesign live. The original website was built on WordPress and used the wp-ecommerce plugin.

    I converted the ‘main’ site to static pages which are all new with the exception of the background/header images.

    I integrated the ‘theme’ of the site into the Avactis eCommerce platform. It all turned out very well, and my client loves it.

  • Here’s a concept for a site that will be launching in February. First time working with a group that makes decisions as a collective, rather than having one point-person. It’s been a fulfilling learning experience, and we think we’ll be delivering a compelling site, considering the content and audience. :)

  • I will be tweaking the current design and completing the framework for a re-design for 2013. I have spent the last year learning HTML 5, CSS 3, and WordPress stuff and I want to put it all together to create a theme that makes sense for me.

  • Just finalized the design on my new personal logo: – the first step in a complete brand overhaul, coming soon(ish) to

  • Some reall web eye candy being posted. Being a relative noob, but learning every day, it has been great to see what others are up to. My main project at the moment is a bit of a freebie to help me build more experience in wordpress (normally I use joomla) for a local photographer Brooke Lee Photography. The rebuild, initially a joomla site, came after the client wanted to use more of the realestate and needed a bulk uploader. WP came to mind after having a bit of a play around with it on another site of mine! and an unfortunate ‘incident’ (read ‘balls up’) with the clients site involving a server transfer and a corrupted backup. Anyhoot, would love the feedback…. cheers, Matt

  • Working on an awesome-in-progress ColdFusion-centered project management site: Fellow CF’ers: drop by and register!

  • I too am redesigning a website for a home show that my wife and I produce. Was trying to get it up before the next show but doesn’t look like I am going to make it. I also work a full time job during the day and then work on the show stuff at night. Did I mention we had a three year old?? :-)

  • Thanks for the open mic and I’m really enjoying the talent out there. I just released my first free WordPress blog theme that was built on Thematic Theme Framework. Lots of fun and a nice learning curve –

  • I’m working on the artwork for a theatre show in Nottingham.
    Artwork for ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ at Lakeside, Nottingham

  • Just putting the finishing touches on a site for a local cycling club – it started out small, but has grown over the last few month to be rather large. I now know everything about cycling in Sussex, England

    • Hey Lise, What’s the name of the site. I’m from Sussex and am big into cycling so am keen to hear. Thanks

  • I’ve finally transformed my side business into an LLC and now I get to work on the company’s branding.

    A few years ago I created the name Pixelkeet™ for my Web design & management company. It has been operating as a side project to my freelance design company Jessica Greenwalt Design ( Last month I worked on perfecting a chubby little pixelated parakeet to act as my company mascot and become part of the logo.

    This year I need to design and develop the Pixelkeet™ Website (there is a coming soon page at this moment –, create branded stationary, create advertisements, and design some awesome Pixelkeet™ merchandise.

    2012 will be a big year for techie parakeets!

    • The pixelated parakeet is definitely a cute distraction!

  • Bob

    Finally decided to get serious about getting into the web development business so I just launched my own site

  • Liz Long

    I’ve just done my first freelance logo design (so go easy on me with any comments!).
    Its for a photography company called Cherry Red Photography.
    They wanted a logo with a 50’s “Rockabilly” style and already had one but it was clipart style and looked cheap.
    I set about doing several different versions and ended up with the one you can see on their facebook page:
    Hopefully will get more work (business cards etc through it).

  • Dan

    Just launched a site for a volleyball club. I’d love to get people’s comments!

    • Hi Dan…

      Nice look. Clean layout. Just a mention, though, that the ‘Teams” page has an issue (in Chrome v.16.0.912.75 m) that causes a 3~4 second hang after scrolling the page.

      As you were…

  • I built a website for recruiting marathon runners for two UK charities Team PB. And now I’m working on an Australian charity site for the carers of elderly Italian migrants – nothing to show yet!

  • Currently coding up a design created for a Baby Goods site I’m working on called Baby Button Tree. The design still needs a bit of work but I’m pretty pleased with the rough, hand-drawn look of it – think it suits the ideals of the site well!

    Coding a template for Opencart is a pleasure too – easy peasy!


  • I built a website for kids:

    full animation and dynamic website with Flash and php .. games, educational, TV.

  • Jaap Roskam

    Hi I’m not a full time web designer ( so that’s out of the way ;-) But have great pleasure in making web sites. So when we put our property on the market I decided to do all I could to make it perfect. Looking at some of the designs presented here I feel a bit of an amateur but since so many people liked our site I thought what the heck I show and tel it herel: . Main building blocks are Adobe Spry Tabs , Photo gallery with ( flash and iPhone ) inserted from my private photohosting site , Email system with inserted from my email form site. Greetings from Down Under: Jaap

  • Just finished phase 1 of a MASSIVE redesign of

    I work as an inhouse designer with two very passionate directors who both have very strong, but often very different ideas about how they feel the website should look. The redesign (design phase and complete rebuild from the ground up), took nearly a year!

    Page views have risen by 128% this year already, so I’m *hoping* the redesign had something to do with this. Take a look, the link to the previous version (designed circa 2004) is also still available via the ‘Classic’ link.


  • Still working on the complete re-design for

    It’s a lot of work and we hope to launch the new look very soon.

    The new design is thanks to all the feedback we got. Again, not live yet but soon :)

  • Wow. Some REALLY nice sites here. I LOVE the Equalita navigation concept, and that just made it into my “ideas scrapbook”. Not very often that I can say that.

    I am currently wokring on a hunting Lodge’s website ( and a website for a mate of mine to display his artwork ( In both cases, I am just plugging things together.

    My latest bit of actual design was, which was a rush project if I ever had one.

  • Just finished a new website for a great singer/songwriter, Gretchen Peters. All built in WordPress.

  • I am in the process of revamping my site “CroMusic” after a dozen years of the same old same old. Not really a designer’s masterpiece (I am not artistic), but it’s functional enough.

    I’m also excited to finally implement an option for discussions for each song, as well as links to other online resources.

    Old site:

    New site (not fully functional yet):

  • Guy

    Just recently finished a new site for the mining company I work for: (I was given an initial outline of the design to work from then added to it and came up with the finished site)

    Plans for 2012 are to get my personal portfolio site up and running!

  • We just finished designing a few websites for local san jose businesses. Please click below to see our updated web design portfolio.


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