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Oooh, Shiny—a Flash Front-end for Twitter!

    Rachael Wilson

    Adobe Flash PlatformYou’d have to have been living in a cave with no wi-fi to have not heard about this thing called Twitter, and our latest tutorial shows you how to build a shiny Flash front-end for Twitter, written in Adobe Flex.

    In Share Media on Twitter Using Flex, Part 1: The Basics Andrew “Flex Daddy” Muller steps us through how to build a Flex app for sharing media on Twitter using Adobe Flash Builder 4 (currently available as a beta download), Flash Catalyst (more brand new beta software) and a sprinkling of PHP. It’s all very cutting edge and “social media” … and actually quite fun.

    If you haven’t played with Flash Catalyst or Flash Builder 4 yet, then you’ll enjoy these hands-on tutorials—this is the first in a three-part series, and Andrew will be extending the sample app in later parts.

    There’s nothing like getting in and getting your hands dirty playing with new technologies, and just to help it all sink in there’s a quiz about the tutorial to test your knowledge (sponsored by Adobe).

    It’s all fun, games and education at the SitePoint house, so go read the article and take the quiz. And if you want to know more about Flex and the Flash platform, check out the other articles we’ve published recently.