8 Ways Online Businesses Can Create Customer Touchpoints

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A touchpoint is any instance when a client or potential client comes into contact with your company. Touchpoints are used prominently with offline businesses, particularly in the retail industry, on receipts, bags, signage, customer service counters, etc. The goal is to help customers recognize and remember the brand.

But touchpoints can also be a valuable way for online businesses to build brand loyalty and trust. In fact, recurring touchpoints can not only result in repeat clients, but also in an increase in the ever-desirable word of mouth marketing.

Here are some ways you can incorporate touchpoints into your business.

  1. Web Site: We all have a web site for our business, but does your site tell a potential client what they want to know AND provide a way to engage current clients? The more fresh and valuable your site is, the more it will be visited and referred to by your clients.
  2. Social Media: Everything you do in social media — from blogging, to commenting on blogs, to posting on Twitter, to creating a Facebook fan page, to connecting with colleagues on LinkedIn – adds to your online personality. The more you genuinely engage with the human-side of others, the more touchpoints you create and the more memorable you become.
  3. Webinars and Teleclasses: Free online events can give you a way share your knowledge and create a touchpoint that promotes your businesses by demonstrating your expertise.
  4. Customer Service: When was the last time you asked your clients for feedback and then incorporated their suggestions and requests into your business? A regular process for getting feedback can be a valuable way to use a touchpoint get your clients’ attention and find out what you can do better.
  5. Press Releases: A lot of what you do in your business – launch a new site, attend a training event, speak at a conference, volunteer – can become newsworthy. Make it practice to write and distribute press releases announcing news related to your business for a recurring touchpoint.
  6. Email Marketing: This one is a no-brainer. The more (and higher quality) messages you send out to your list, the more they will have you on their mind. And don’t forget to regularly use an email signature to provide another email-based touchpoint.
  7. Online Advertising: If you know where your target audience hangs out, advertising on those sites can be an extremely effective touchpoint. Recurring ads and information can get them interested and ready to learn more.
  8. Invoices: Are your invoices branded with your logo and company information? It may not seem that important, but your invoices are another place where you can generate brand recognition. And if you sell products or services online, include your branding on your checkout page, receipts and confirmation emails for additional touchpoints.

What are some of the most effective touchpoints you use in your business?

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