Web Professional should do during the holidays

Andrew Neitlich
Andrew Neitlich

The previous blog strongly recommended that you do something to thank clients, prospects, referral sources — any business relationship you know — during the holiday season. It further asked you to segment your relationships so that the most valuable relationships get some great gifts.

That’s not all you should be doing during the holiday season. Many (not all, but many) businesspeople slow things down during December. Some do it by choice, and others do it because everyone else is, and so they have no choice.

So December becomes a great time to reach out to business contacts and meet with them, one-on-one. Take them out to lunch, or coffee, or ask to stop by. Sit down with them and ask them three questions:

1. Where is their business going in 2005, and how can you help them achieve their goals?

2. What advice do they have for you about how you can improve your service, marketing, results — whatever aspect of your business they know?

3. Who do they know that would be good for you to contact — either as a referral source or as a potential customer? (Hint: Start this question by asking THEM about their ideal referral source, and help them get more prospects/leads first).

So here’s a challenge: Follow the above process with at least 5 contacts during December. That’s a small number; many of my clients are meeting with 25 or more business relationships!

Will you take this challenge on?