Oct 23, 2006 News Wire

Kevin Yank
  • Based on some in house testing at Zimbra, IE 7 has made some significant leaps forward in memory management and JavaScript performance. Despite this, Firefox still outpaces the browser in their testing.
  • The final release of Dojo 0.4.0 is slated for release on Tuesday, October 24th to coincide with The Ajax Experience conference.
  • An extremely pragmatic guide from Dojo’s Alex Russell on how to set up an environment to test against multiple IE versions. In particular, he presents a very convincing case against the various “standalone IE” solutions making the rounds.
  • “I am so frustrated right now – does it show? This experience highlights to me how important it is to make the customer experience one of your top priorities otherwise you will not get repeat business.” (thanks gnarly)
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  • Perhaps now the nay-sayers will stop whinging that Adobe have given up on Linux and won’t be releasing a Flash 9 player for the platform? (thanks gnarly)
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  • Idiagram sells illustration services and consulting, visually describing complex problems and their solutions. This veiled sales pitch for their services is overwhelming, but maybe that’s the point. Food for thought if you’re a marketer. (thanks gnarly)
  • PHPSecInfo tests your PHP environment and flags potential security concerns. I met the developer of PHPSecInfo at OSCON 2006, where he called for developers to contribute modules to the project to test more aspects of server configuration. (thanks bsytko)
  • Google has launched a new website optimizer at the Metrics Summit in Washington. The tool lets you create and test multiple variations of your landing pages, and view reports of the effects of each variation.
  • Microsoft responds to widespread claims of a security vulnerability being found in IE 7 (running under Windows XP) within 24 hours of its public release. Technically, they say, the vulnerability exists in Outlook Express, and is under investigation.
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