Obligatory sales forecasts for 2005, 100% guaranteed to come true

Andrew Neitlich
Andrew Neitlich

Here they are, your 100% guaranteed sales and marketing predications for 2005:

1. Those of you who make marketing a top priority will do better than those who don’t – regardless of design or development talent.

2. Those of you who target a defined niche market will do better than those who don’t.

3. Those of you who know how to communicate your VALUE to clients, and price accordingly, will do better than those who base their pricing on time and tasks alone.

4. Those of you who develop strong business relationships with clients will succeed and get rave reviews and referrals.

5. Those of you who delight clients with outstanding service, project management, and a focus on business results will also get rave reviews and referrals — and more long-term work.

6. Those of you who use web design to focus on business results will do better than those who focus on design for awards and design’s sake.

7. Those of you who find leverage through other people, resellable products and templates, and business systems will generate more income than those who trade their time for dollars.

8. Those of you who develop systems to follow up with prospects over time will be the first people that your prospects call when they need help.

9. Those of you who educate your clients about their problems and how to solve them will do much better than those who pitch their services using traditional marketing techniques.

10. Those of you who write blogs after drinking a bottle of champagne like I have will have hangovers tomorrow. (I can’t wait to read this when I wake up with a hangover!)

Best of success and prosperity to you in 2005!