By Nick Randolph

Nokia Windows Phone: Question 3

By Nick Randolph

We’re running a challenge wherein you can Win a Nokia Windows Phone. The rules of said competition are detailed in the aforelinked post. There will be many more questions over the coming weeks, here is Question 2.

Question 3

Unlike other smartphone platforms, that typically follow a similar design based on series of icons that launch applications, Windows Phone has a unique experience with the Start screen made up of Live tiles. This coupled with its Metro design language gives Windows Phone a very distinct look.

Application developers are encouraged to reuse this same design language, specifically designing their applications so that they match the Windows Phone style. This includes support for themes (dark/light and the accent colour), as well as reusing the built in styles.

Discuss one feature, or design, of an application you’ve worked on (doesn’t have to be published) that makes it distinctly Windows Phone?

  • The fact that every Windows Phone has a built in FM radio means that for apps for radio stations, I can use this to my advantage, where as on other platforms there either is NO FM radio, or there might or might not be one there!

  • Craig Naumann

    I see the use of the LongListSelector as something quite useful for apps, given the use of it throughout the phone – especially in the People and Music hubs + the application list. Many of the components in the Silverlight Toolkit allow devs to make there apps look like the built in ones.

    But most of all, the critical part is adhering to the alignment guidelines. It doesn’t seem too hard, but sadly many apps are published without proper alignment. 12px margins should be easy to achieve.

  • I love being able to use the inbuilt styles within blend, this makes it so much easier to leverage of all the great design works that’s gone into windows phone. One particular use of this was in my first game for the platform I created 3D fade effect for titles that would change based on the users colour section.

  • Phonealytics (google analytics client) to pin a live tile for each of their sites which updates every half hour with visits, bounce rate and time on site. The tiles fit in nicely with the rest of the OS and users arent limited to just one site on their home screen.

  • For my app (gReadie – Google Reader client) I would definitely say that deep linking from multiple live tiles is the feature that makes WP7 unique.
    Each feed / folder can be pinned to the users start screen with it’s own live tile that shows unread post count and the latest post title.
    I can’t speak for Android, but I am fairly sure this can’t be done on iOS.

  • Leveraging the cloud separates the real apps from the fart apps.

    And leveraging data visualizations makes applications stand apart.

  • Garth Bacon

    I like the feature of using the Push notification services giving the ability to send RAW notifications messages to an application. Also the pushing of Toast and Tile notificatinos for Alerts.

  • The competition is now closed for entries. The following entries have been recorded for this question. If, for whatever reason, your entry is not in this list, please feel free to respond
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