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No More HTML Email Headaches!


Long gone are the days when plain text emails were the norm. Demand is high for vibrant, well-designed, expertly built HTML emails. With our newest book, you’ll have the expert know-how to cash in on this market—without the headaches you might expect.

Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!, you can dive right in and start building impressive emails today.

This book is perfect if you are a designer or developer who is ready to expand the range of services you provide to clients. All aspects of planning, designing, and building HTML email are covered — with plenty of eyecandy to ignite your creativity.

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Authored by expert HTML email designer Mathew Patterson of Campaign Monitor, this book will solve your HTML email dramas.

This book eliminates the most common roadblocks to HTML email success. Not only are the fundamentals of gorgeous HTML email design covered in detail, you’ll also be equipped to build robust templates that work in all email software.

This book will help you:

  • Make your messages more readable and attractive
  • Code emails without “pull-your-hair-out” frustration
  • Combine stunning looks with maximum compatibility
  • Begin selling HTML email services to your clients

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