Next Major Flash Release Will Focus On…

By sgrosvenor

…designers, according to Mike Chambers (Developer Relations Product Manager for Macromedia).

For the past couple of releases Macromedia have concentrated on developers as is more evident in Flash MX 2004 Professional than Flash MX 2004 with its bias towards data based components.

It’s good to see Macromedia giving some long overdue attention to the designers out there, let’s hope they spend some time on the drawing tools, and advanced gradient support so that complex gradients that aren’t just linear or radial can be created natively or imported from other vector apps such as Freehand or Fireworks.

I’m sure as time goes on, we shall see what cool features they have implemeted!

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  • Si

    I must agree the drawing tools are rather lacking in the latest Flash releases compared to the development tools. Considering FW MX 04 has had the shape tool implemented, you shouldn’t think it’ll be too difficult to import this feature into the next Flash launch.

  • chad

    some simple 3-d illustration tools like in FH and Illustrator would be nice… also, the ability to better handle imported vector file with gradients (currently flash butchers them into masked bitmaps) would be nice as well.

  • Robson

    I think one simple thing they have never implemented right was the shift move. You spend a time posioning an object on screen and when you shift move it, the Flash can’t maintain one of the coordinates. The object always goes up or down a bit. I think it just sucks. I’ve tried to do this in MX 2004 and this bug is still there.

  • QwantaSheep

    There’s a bug, remaining from flash 5, that is very anoying : try to draw with the brush in a graphic that has been rotated, scaled, and/or squeezed : it doesn’t work, it draw nothing. How sad :(

  • GabeM

    Doe anyone have any info or links to when the next full release of Flash (V8) is comming out?

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