By Kevin Yank

News Wire: Yahoo! Acquires Zimbra, WordPress 2.3, and more

By Kevin Yank

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  • Shocked!!!

    When I looked at your headline, I thought Yahoo! also acquired WordPress :D

  • TheKage

    Same as above, thought Yahoo has acquired WordPress. Gave me a fright.

  • Yeah I thought “Wow! Yahoo has gone on a spending spree!”

  • malikyte

    Ha! Me too. Changing the order of the list might help (WordPress 2.3, Yahoo Acquires Zimbra, and more)

  • dhtml

    You can’t be serious about the “carbon footprint.” Really, that’s silly.

  • ikeo

    Yeah please change the title of the post … I almost crapped on myself when I thought Yahoo had bought wordpress.

  • I’m another who thought that the title was Yahoo’s recent shopping list, which included Zimbra, WP and more

    Great headline, certainly got people’s attention :)

    I’ve thought in the past about how much electricity is used (and co2 produced) by the whole internet. Millions of servers on 24/7, must add up…

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