News Wire: PHP Group accused of security incompetence

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  • “PHP developer Stefan Esser has said he will go ahead with plans to disclose dozens of security flaws in PHP in March, hitting back at criticism that the “Month of PHP bugs” project is nothing more than dangerous, self-serving publicity.”
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  • A brief refresher on why it’s a good idea to avoid having your content accessible via multiple URLs (note: redirects are fine), and how to implement URL rewriting on an IIS server so you don’t have to lose sleep over it.
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  • Yahoo! engineer Julien Lecomte blogs about his experience writing the new Browser History Manager in the Yahoo! UI Library (YUI), and the difference between this new solution and previous aproaches to the Back button in Ajax applications.
  • Following in the footsteps of Dojo, which offered up free hosting of its JavaScript library thanks to AOL late last year, Yahoo! is allowing developers to link to the YUI library files on its own servers for free.
  • Feed stats provider FeedBurner has released a fascinating report that compares the various feed readers’ traffic share. Particularly interesting are the numbers on audience engagement, which picks out subscribers that actually click on links.
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  • Flapjax is an interesting extension to the JavaScript language (which you compile down to plain JavaScript to deploy) that adds a number of useful facilities that allow you to write code that elegantly describes dynamic behaviors with very little code.

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