News Wire: Java Goes Open Source

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  • The last release of the JavaScript effects library before Ruby on Rails 1.2, 1.6.5 includes some nice fixes as well as Effect.Event—a clever new feature that lets you fire and respond to events during a series of visual effects.
  • Pushing to finalize CSS 2.1 by the end of the year, the W3C has released the “last call” Working Draft. The deadline for comments is 7 December 2006.
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  • The W3C’s Web Application Formats working group has released the first draft of a specification for widgets, similar to what is available in the Opera 9 browser. So far the spec is pretty skeletal, but looks promising.
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  • In addition to the Widgets spec itself, the W3C has published a document outlining the capabilities that it hopes to include in the finished spec.
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  • In a new working draft, the already intimidating XForms specification swells by 33% compared to the previous draft. Though hugely powerful, the growing complexity of XForms continues to signal the need for updates to HTML’s simple form tags.
  • Open-jACOB bills itself as Microsoft Access for the Web, and is an open source rapid design tool for building CRUD (create, retrieve, update, delete) web applications with AJAX-powered user interfaces for managing databases.
  • In the final part of Mel Pedley’s article series, she presents an extensive list of design issues and how they impact users affected by dyslexia. Line width, line height, font size, font face, text justification, italics, and more are covered.
  • Following up on issues with concurrent AJAX requests and PHP pointed out by Harry Fuecks on SitePoint’s PHP blog earlier this year, this extensive article explores the cause of race conditions and shows how to implement PHP sessions correctly to avoid them.
  • The concept of “Web 2.0” captured the imagination of web developers worldwide less than two years ago. But the promise of better user experiences and customer-centric content is regularly silenced by downtime and plagued by poor performance. (thanks z0s0)
  • Newly open sourced, ICEfaces is an AJAX component framework based on JavaServer Faces (JSF) technology, which enables you to build rich, AJAX-powered user interfaces for your Java web applications.
  • A rundown of some of the fonts that the movers and shakers on the Web are using for their fresh, new designs.
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  • Sun has released components of Java SE and Java ME under the GPL v2 open source license, with the rest of the platform to come early in 2007. The “ClassPath Exception” to the license still allows for commercial applications to be built upon the platform.
  • The release date for Java SE 6 has been set for December 7, 2006.
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  • Coming soon in FireBug 1.0: CSS editing, network load timing, box model visualization, JavaScript profiling, command line autocomplete, HTML change highlighting, DOM editing and more… Would you pay $15-20 for this?
  • Two years in the making, this latest release of Mono, an open source implementation of the .NET Framework and a C# compiler that runs on Windows, Linux, MacOS X and BSD, includes many significant improvements.
  • Microsoft releases its next-generation command line shell for Windows.
  • The main new features in this release are full-screen mode and Windows Vista support. The Linux version of Flash Player 9 remains in beta at this stage.
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  • Continuing the march towards a final release, Microsoft’s AJAX extensions for ASP.NET have once again been updated, and in response to widespread criticism about its long name have been renamed to “ASP.NET AJAX”.
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