News Wire: Bill Gates on Web Standards

Kevin Yank
  • Molly Holzchlag was among a number of high-profile bloggers invited to discuss the issues of the day with a number of Microsoft insiders, including Bill Gates himself. What does Gates really think about web standards? Read the transcript and judge for yourself.
  • The latest nightly build of Firefox 3.0 passes the Acid 2 test for CSS standards compliance, joining Opera, Konqueror and Safari. Internet Explorer is now the only major browser not to pass the Acid 2 test.
  • With this latest version, Google has released all components of the Google Web Toolkit (including the previously closed-source compiler and runtime debugging frameworks) under othe Apache 2.0 open source license.
  • Sick of generating rounded corner images yourself? Google has a script to do this installed on most of its online services, and for now at least you can simply reference that service to get rounded corner images for your own site!
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