6 Twitter Clients You May Not Have Heard Of

Alyssa Gregory

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my search for the perfect social network aggregator. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to find a tool that combines Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in a way that supports how I typically use the different sites.

The good news is that a number of readers suggested different apps for me to try out, so the options are plenty. The bad news is that I’m still in testing phase, so I don’t have my review/analysis quite ready. (If you haven’t weighed in with your favorite aggregator yet, leave a comment and I will add your tool of choice to my list.)

One unexpected side effect of my research has been the number of social network-specific tools that I’ve inadvertently discovered that I hadn’t heard of before, particularly for Twitter. While I’m still plugging away with my aggregator testing, I thought I share some of these interesting Twitter tools.

I divided my list into three separate posts. This one will focus on Twitter clients that are new to me. My next two posts will highlight tools that let you use Twitter in different and useful ways, and apps for having more fun with Twitter.

So here is the first round of Twitter tools I’ve recently discovered: client apps that aren’t (yet) mainstream but may offer unique value to Twitter users.


BirdHerd lets you control a Twitter account that you use with a group of other people through the use of direct messages. If your group Twitter account receives a DM from one of your contributors, it will take various actions on that user’s behalf, such as posting a new message, following a Twitter user, replying to tweet and more.



Buzzbird is an open-source Twitter client that is built on Mozilla’s XUL platform so it works with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Some of the functionality it supports includes multiple accounts, filters, URL shortening, follow/unfollow and more.


CoTweet is a business-focused Twitter platform that helps companies monitor their brand and engage their audience. It supports up to five Twitter accounts, monitors keywords, sends email notifications, threads conversations, archives messages, tracks clicks and more.


Pluggio, formerly TweetMiner, is a client that focuses on helping Twitter users build their following by providing a friend finder keyword-based service. Other features include sorting, searching, link tracking and scheduling. Pluggio may even be considered as an aggregator to some because it lets you post to any social network right from the client. It’s available as a desktop or web-based app.


Spaz is an open-source Twitter client for Palm, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux based on Adobe AIR. It’s available as a desktop or mobile app and features include: global search, URL shortening, themes/skins, directories, multiple account support and more. It also works with Identi.ca.


TwitHive is a web-based Twitter client that supports multiple accounts, filters, searching, customized channels, integrated news, URL shortening and more. It’s AJAX-based so it’s quick to load across most major web browsers.

What do you use to manage your Twitter account? Do you use an app that’s off the beaten path?