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New Toys: Sandcastle CTP & July Atlas CTP

By Wyatt Barnett



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New this week from Microsoft:

  1. Sandcastle is Microsoft’s newly released tool to compile the Xml comments from your .NET 2.0 code into usable .CHM files. Apparently it is a tweaked version of the tool used to generate the MSDN documentation for Visual Studio 2005. You can download the CTP directly from Microsoft. For more information, the best place to start is the Sandcastle team blog, especially the tutorial and the FAQ.

    As of right now there is no UI for the tool, but some enterprising individuals have created a Sandcastle batch file builder tool that and a MsBuild script to help integrate Sandcastle into your development cycle.

  2. The Atlas team has released another CTP of the Asp.NET “Atlas” framework. This CTP is creatively called the ASP.NET “Atlas” July 2006 CTP and can be downloaded here. There are no significant new features but rather a slew of bug fixes, hinting that the preview phase is coming to a close.

    While on the subject of Atlas, I should probably mention the new series Atlas “How do I?” videos. They are quite good at getting one up and running with the tools. In addition, many more ASP.NET videos are available on the ASP.NET site.

Enjoy the new toys.

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