By Philip Miseldine

New SQL Server 2005 Homepage

By Philip Miseldine

Microsoft have launched the SQL Server 2005 home pages at

Check out the “Top 30 Features” page to get ready for the future :)

  • David

    I just took a look at the “Top 30 Features” – very impressive!

    One question, though – what does this mean:

    “Extensible Markup Language (XML) is an important standard for disseminating data between different applications over local networks and the Internet. SQL Server 2005 will natively support storage and query of XML documents.”

    (It’s in the “Top 10 Features for Development” Section.)

    Does that mean that I can query XML files as though they were database tables?

    Sorry for my ignorance. ;)

  • It means you can store an xml doc as an xml doc rather than translating to/from xml to/from database form.

    To date its had something to do this transparently for you, but the storage wasn’t native xml format, was still a standard db table.

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