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New Space Agency Logo For The UK

By Jennifer Farley



The UK government recently announced the formation of a new department and a new international space centre for Britain. A new logo for the agency, which is Britain’s much smaller-budgeted equivalent to NASA, was unveiled by Lord Drayson and Lord Mandelson at the announcement. The identity features a large skyward-pointing red arrow as seen on a part of the Union Jack flag.




The identity was designed by design firm Folio Creative. Folio Creative won the tender at the beginning of March following a creative pitch. They had previously worked on projects for British High Speed Rail. David Bartholomew, managing director said ’The logo reflects the forward-looking nature of the new agency. It had to indicate the exploration of space, but also reference Britishness.’


On a slightly off-kilter note, some fans of the television show Dr. Who, Britain’s longest running TV show,  are claiming that the new logo is a rip off of a logo used on the television show’s British Rocket Group (a web site created by the BBC in 2005), which featured in a Dr Who Christmas special three years ago. You can see it pictured below.



Image from the Daily Telegraph

In relation to the Dr Who “controversy”, Folio Creative have said “There is barely a passing resemblance. It is inevitable if you combine the Union Flag with a space theme.” Enough said.


What do you think of the new UK Space Agency logo?

Jennifer Farley is a designer, illustrator and design instructor based in Ireland. She writes about design and illustration on her blog at Laughing Lion Design.

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