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New Releases from Ensim

By Blane Warrene



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Ensim has just released version 4 of their well known server control panel system and have also added a new service, Ensim Ignite, which pledges to bring large hosting services to the small hosting business.

The upgrade to Ensim Basic and Pro includes integration with the Ensim Ignite service, which was released in April 2004. Ensim has assembled an array of critical application service provider resources into one interface with Ignite. This provides opportunities for hosting firms and webmasters to offer comprehensive services for client recruitment and retention and earn residual referral fees and leverage the services for their own business.

Ignite includes access to search engine optimization services, commerce and merchant tools, ssl certificates, email marketing management and more.

Users on Ensim 3.5 can download the upgrade free of charge. Ensim is including numerous free trials within Ignite to encurage adoption.

Author’s Note: I will be in Chicago through May 17th (Linux and OS X activities) and will not be posting to Open Sourcery during that time. I am sure I will bring back some fresh insights and research to add to Open Sourcery next week.

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