By Andrew Gardner

New Release: CodeBurner for Firefox. Grab the Extension, Get a FREE eBook!

By Andrew Gardner

CodeBurner LogoFirefox users rejoice! We’re very excited to announce CodeBurner for Firefox, a FREE new standalone version of CodeBurner, our revolutionary browser extension that puts reference data right in your test environment.

CodeBurner adds a convenient panel to the bottom of your Firefox browser, which can be easily hidden or displayed as required. You can look up HTML and CSS reference material by browsing the source code of the current page or by typing your query into the handy search field. With CodeBurner, syntax information, browser compatibility charts and sample code for HTML and CSS are now only a click away!

Previously we released CodeBurner for Firebug, the popular web development tool. But now we’re skipping the middleman completely — CodeBurner for Firefox doesn’t depend on any other extension. It’s self-contained and ready to go!

So why miss a beat looking for answers?

CodeBurner for Firefox — putting HTML and CSS Material at your fingertips.

Download for FREE right now!

Plus, for a limited time we’re including a BONUS eBook, Build Your Own Firefox Extension, (valued at $9.95) for FREE when you download CodeBurner for Firefox. This slick new title from renowned JavaScript specialist James Edwards (Brothercake) will show you how easy it can be to build super Firefox extensions.

  • Wow, this sucks now. Codeburner, was a great piece of work when it was intergrated into firebug. But now it has it’s own tab and you have to actually type in the information. Without just having to point>Click>result.


  • CodeBurner For Firebug is still there Blake if that’s your preference. However, you can use the DOM tab to point–>click–>result.

  • Thanks for the free download!

    I have to say, from the books I’ve purchased already, it is worth paying for the material published by Sitepoint. At the same time, freebies are always appreciated.


  • Guys, thanks a million for this. You’re freebies are fantastic and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into this.

  • Badotz

    The link to the code for “BYO FF Ext” is invalid:

    Any suggestions?

  • smtotman

    Sweet! Love it – works slick and a free e-book to boot. Thanks much!

  • Marcin Petruszka

    The CodeBurner extension is sweet – I only have one thing to point out – the “Powered by SitePoint” logo that appears on the top bar of CodeBurner – it looks awful because of this white matte around. I’m sure you guys can do better ;) Other than this – just magnificent. Thanks a ton.

  • Chris

    The product is a clever aid and works great. However, you should add functionality under the DOM-pane to get the current page. As of now, I need to copy-paste the URL.

  • @Marcin – agreed, we’re going to move that in the next revision

    @Chris – it already does do that, when you open the DOM tab for the first tab that’s what it loads.

  • Chris – I think I misunderstood what you meant – you want something there that can load the current content document at any time? So you just click a button or something, and it loads that document, to save you having to type its address in?

    That’s certainly do-able if so; I’ll have a think about how to reconcile it in the UI.

  • dmoena

    nice one! after install the extension, all my bookmarks are gone ¬¬

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