New MySQL GUI Administration Tool

By Blane Warrene

Frequent discussion in the forums revolves around administering and interacting with MySQL servers. This new tool forthcoming from MySQL is slated to be the most powerful yet.

According to MySQL’s web site, this administration tool will include the ability to monitor the health and logs of multiple database servers, replicate data, manage backup and restore scenarios all while having the standard ability to interact with your databases, tables and data.

You can sign up early to be notified of its initial release at the site below:

  • At work we use Navicat ( which isn’t too bad.

    As for the db platform, I use both SQL Server and MySQL with .NET


  • Very cool. I’ll look forward to this. It’ll make things 100% easier. :)

  • Along the same lines DBDesigner: – I’m amazed to be seeing stuff like that turning up as Open Source.

  • [QUOTE=dhtmlgod]At work we use Navicat ( which isn’t too bad.[/QUOTE]

    same :) Makes things pretty easy.

  • Hmm,… sitting here at home I’m guessing we didn’t code for the quote tag in the BBcode when displayed in the blog. One for Monday morning ;)

  • What an amazing looking project! I can’t wait to get my hands on it…

  • i use navicat too, i like it. but ill be interested in seeing this made by mysql

  • Diamond

    Hi, there talking of mysql gui tool then let me help you guys with lot more of it. here you can try sqlyog an amazing administartive tool which runs on all Windows version from 98SE to Vista. Runs on Linux with WINE. Also offers free community version. :)

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