New ICANN Policy Affects Domain Transfers

By Blane Warrene

Based on a new ICANN policy effective Friday, November 12, 2004 — domain name service providers are changing the way they handle domain transfer requests.

Prior to this policy, a majority of domain name providers would not complete a transfer request(s) without specific confirmation of the current domain owner’s desire to do so. Now under new rules, after five days of attempts to confirm the transfer with the domain holder, the domain will be transferred unless the domain is ‘locked’.

Locking a domain prevents changes to contact information and name servers as well as barring domain transfers even if you do not respond within the new specified time frame.

Domain locking should be free and is most likely accessible via your vendor’s web interface. For example, logging into your account at Network Solutions, EasyDNS or GoDaddy and managing your individual domains has locking as an option.

This would also be a good time to insure the contact information for each of your domains is accurate and includes a current, valid email address where you can be reached for business regarding your domain.

  • mmj

    The effect of the change will be that when the old registrar sends a confirmation email (or letter, phone call, etc, but usually an email), you now need to confirm that you do NOT wish the domain to be transferred, and if you do not respond or they cannot reach you the transfer will go ahead. This used to be the other way around – you had to confirm that you DID wish the domain to be transferred. The result of the change is that in the event that you don’t read your email in time or the email doesn’t reach you for whatever reason, your domain could be taken by somebody after 5 days.

  • Lock it, now it’s very very important.

  • s21825

    So people should now start trying to steal peoples’ domains cause they can … crazy.

  • Pretty much, so lock it and don’t go on vacation. :) You can always get it back by disputing it, but could result in costly downtime.

  • Anonymous

    well if you lock it, you can go on vacation :)

  • Holy Crow!! :eek: That’s just ridiculous. Its a double edged sword & you have a much sharper edge near your neck. It just gives extortionists the weapon to earn their living legally. This should be opposed. If some lunatic requests a transfer for my domain & if I can’t access my eMail for 5 days, the domain transfer will go ahead!! Where is sanity?

    PS:- Should I try & get,, & transfered? ;) :lol:

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