By Andrew Gardner

New Course: Facebook Ads 101 with Jennifer Sheahan

By Andrew Gardner

We’ve published courses on everything from CSS to HTML5 to Blogging. Now, it’s time for something totally new and fresh – Facebook Ads training. Practically everyone’s on Facebook, so if you want to increase traffic to your site and you’re not utilizing Facebook to promote effectively then read on…

We’re very pleased to introduce our new course:

Facebook Ads 101 with Jennifer Sheahan

Facebook Ads 101 is a fun introduction to the growing opportunities of paid Facebook traffic. Over the next few weeks, (with a short break for the Festive Season) you’ll journey inside the inner-workings of a top Facebook and professional web marketer.

Jennifer owns The FB Ads Lab, and you’ll get all her Facebook marketing secrets for a fraction of the cost that she charges her client accounts.  This course will give you the edge on your competition by solving the most common obstacles and roadblocks faced by Facebook advertisers.  Put simply, if you want to increase visitors to your site then you need to be engaged with the social networking giant that is Facebook, and to engage effectively you need this course.  Sign up now!

Using a combination of imagery, great ad copy, keyword research and customized targeting, you’ll learn how simple and profitable Facebook Ads can be.

With access to a private Q&A system, you’ll be able to ask and get answers to many of your Facebook marketing questions such as:

• What targeting options do I have?
• What if I have a local business?
• Do I have to spend a lot of money?
• What types of images can I use?
• Do I need to have a fan page?
• What is the best way to start a campaign?
• Do people really click on ads?

This course is completely flexible. You’ll work through a combination of printed material, videos, and mini-assignments.

So, to the details:

Facebook Ads 101 with Jennifer Sheahan

  • Starts: December 16, 2010
  • Duration: 2 weeks (with a short break for the Festive Season in between)
  • Format: 8 structured lessons with 2 live webinars
  • Cost: Only $47.00
  • Sign up now

During the course a new lesson will be published each day, with all course material remaining available online for at least 12 months.  So you can keep up day-by-day or go at your own pace – it’s totally up to you. At the end of each week there will be a live webinar session, and you’ll also have the weekend to catch up if you do fall behind.

So if you’ve been thinking about mastering Facebook marketing or perhaps you’ve given Facebook Ads a go without much luck in the past …

Sign up for FACEBOOK ADS 101 Today!

  • Bill

    $47? You can learn all of this in 1 hour on Google.

  • “Practically everyone’s on Facebook”

    I’m ‘on’ Facebook, but I never use it. I suspect I’m not alone. Add to that that Facebook has about 500 milion ‘users’ (including people like me who don’t use it) compared to about 2 billion internet users worldwide, and that statement is a bit too hyperbolic.

  • Rob

    I was thinking the same thing as Bill.
    Most people that are on sitepoint are programmers/web developers/designers, we live on the web. Facebook tells you right on the site how to write an ad for free. $47 is a little steep in my opinion.

  • peteclark

    @PatrickSamphire I must admit I don’t use facebook that much myself. That’s primarily because I’m anti-social and can’t be bothered. But I am not my target audience. And let’s face it, there are a lot of people out there who do use it regularly. $47 is hardly a lot of cash to risk on this when you consider the potential ROI.

  • wildscribe

    The price does seem a bit steep considering the other Sitepoint courses were in the $20 range. Maybe they’ll get smart and lower it.

  • Andrew Gardner

    It’s worth noting that the SitePoint courses thus far have all been launched at very competitive introductory prices.

    In terms of the specific content in this particular course, everyone has their area of expertise. SitePoint is full of expert designers and developers. We’ve brought in Jennifer, who is an expert at PPC and making the most out of Facebook paid ads. Now, obviously, Facebook ads aren’t for everyone. But if you do have a product, service, or affiliate offer to promote, Facebook is a great place to do it.

    If you learn just one tip in this entire 10 day course, and you put it into practice with your PPC campaigns, you could increase your sales and profits – and earn back whatever you invested in the course.

    It’s fairly self-evident that you can jump in the deep end and learn through your own trial and error, but that can be costly with Pay Per Click advertising.
    We’re presenting an alternative: you can spend a few days in this course, save yourself the cost of wasted clicks, and decrease the learning curve dramatically.

    Jen has been working with Facebook Ads every day for years. She knows the system inside and out. She knows the pitfalls, the tips, and tricks you can use to make the most of every single ad.

  • Josh

    I’d prefer an expert-level Facebook ads course. If she truly is an expert, I’d prefer something a little more 4- or 501 than 101.

  • Jen Sheahan

    @Josh We’ve got to start somewhere. :) No point discussing Facebook 401 info when we haven’t covered the 101 info, right? Hope to see you inside the course.

  • @Jen,
    do you have any other courses or videos that teach this?

    We are interested in learning more.

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