New Atlanta Does The Unthinkable!!

Wow! Vince I have to give you and the entire New Atlanta Team a big high five, raise my glass, slap on the butt, or whatever your favorite congratulatory “thing” may be. With this blog post you did something which Adobe couldn’t or didn’t know how to. You Open Sourced CF. Ok so you didn’t open source CF but you did Open Source a J2EE Enterprise Server which runs CF, and that in my book is awesome!

For years I’ve watched New Atlanta constantly innovate the CF market with new ideas and business practices. I’ve heard your entire team talk about “listening to the community” and then acting on it. I admit I’ve seen this a few times but never really got the feeling you were “really” listening to the entire community. Then you pull this out of your hat. You’ve done something we CFML developers have been asking Adobe / Macromedia to do for years.

It’s the opinion of this blogger that with this one announcement and “project” you have in essence single handedly ensured a LONG life for ColdFusion. Anyone who’s ever worried about Adobe selling CF off, or worse just shutting it down can rest easy. With an ENTERPRISE level CF Server on the market in an Open Source capacity there is nothing stopping CF Developers from rocking and rolling for years to come!

My Hat’s off to you Mr Bonfanti and to the entire New Atlanta Team.

Official Press Release
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