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New Article: GeoIP and .NET


Coming hot on the heels of Zak’s excellent Securing Passwords in Your Database, “Target Your Visitors Using GeoIP and .NET” shows how to use the MaxMind product to detect automatically where your visitors are coming from, and shows techniques on how to customise your site for multiple culture / language visitors.

One of the neat ways you can use the GeoIP product is to automatically select the country of your visitor in a drop down list, which, not only is a help for your visitors, but also shows you care about their little scrollwheel finger ;)

Read the article here.

If you can think of some other novel uses for the toolkit, why not drop a comment here and share your experiences with the SitePoint community?

Philip is a Computer Science PhD student at Liverpool John Moores University. He's still not mastered guitar tabs, never finished Mario, and needs a haircut. He discusses life at

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