.NET on the NET March 2-9: MIX Hangover Edition

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On the really off chance that you missed it, MIX08 has come and gone. I posted some reflections here and here. Definitely make sure to check out the webcasts [NB: install Silverlight 2 first] if you get a chance. Lots of great stuff was released to the web at the show—Matthew Podwyoski has a good list of the ASP.NET specific ones. Working around the release of IE8 Beta 1, the involved teams tell us about IE8 and IP licensing, Activities and Web Slices, IE8 and JScript, CSS 2.1 Testing, and the IE8 Developer Tools. A bit more mundane, but more important in my life is the torrent of releases from the IIS team. Highlights include IIS7 admin tools for XP, 2003 and Vista, configuration extensibility x2 and a very strong article on IIS7 diagnostic tools for developers.

Given that a rather significant hunk of the ASP.NET world was busy schmoozing and boozing in Vegas, there was not a lot of activity in the dotnetosphere. LINQ and other fancy, schmacy stuff has been all the rage recently, but Reamped.NET reminds us about our old buddies: IClonable and IComparable. You can’t get too far in programming if you don’t know how to copy and sort. Matt Berseth tells us how to build a very slick folder browser. For releases, the Folks AJAX Framework hit the 0.10 milestone while guys at JetBrains are releasing Resharper nightly builds.

Regarding DC area events, if I can escape the office at a reasonable hour, I plan to attend the RockNUG meeting tomorrow evening. Jonathan Cogley is usually a good show and its always good to catch up with the local guys. Also, NOVA Code Camp South is coming up on the 29th.

Finally, I am going to be moving this weekly post to earlier in the week. I swear that this decision has nothing to do with the advent of tournament basketball.

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