.NET on the ‘NET March 18-25: New IIS7 Goodness and MVC opens up

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Wyatt is a bit buried under work for a few weeks, so I will be your new source for Microsoft news and updates for a little while. It’s been a bit of a slow news week for .NET, so at least I get to start off slowly.

This week, the big story that most people are talking about is still the ASP.NET MVC project. While Wyatt has mentioned this a few times already, this past week the full source code was posted on CodePlex. There has also been a lot of buzz about MVC as people have started using it. Some of you Rails and Django guys might think this is old news, but MVC brings some nice things to ASP.NET such as running command line testing and having 100% control over markup.

Another rather big news item from the Microsoft camp is a batch of improvements to IIS7. The ASP.NET debugging blog has an overview of the changes, but the two that are most important are the new FTP Publishing Service and the CTP of the Administration Pack. The FTP publishing service provides support for IPv6, some new features for running shared environments and replacement of the IIS6 style metabase with the new XML based configuration.

In addition to the new developments, there have also been some good code examples and tutorials released over the past week. Chris Pels posted a solid video on adding JavaScript event handlers to server controls. For SilverLight developers, Shawn Burke created a tutorial on building templated Silverlight controls and Scott Morrison has posted a walk-through for the SilverLight DataGrid Control.

Finally, if you haven’t checked it out yet, the Hard Rock Café Memorabilia system is up and running. It’s probably the best SilverLight example out there and is a great tech demo of the new Deep Zoom system.

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