.NET on the ‘NET Feb 22-March 1: PreMIX Edition

It was a pretty quiet week as I suspect most of the ASP.NET world is busily preparing to mix it up at MIX08 in Vegas starting today. Speaking of which, I’m about to head to Vegas myself. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t bite. At least after the 2nd drink. So, if you’ll be there, see ya there. If you won’t, well, watch the blog. I’ll be a postin’ between breakouts, open spaces and the craps tables.

Now, quite don’t quite mean dead, so here is a quick round up of the postings and musings this writer found profound. First off are Rob Conery’s back-to-back posts on LINQ. First, he walks through the hows and whys of creating IN queries in LINQ; then he shows off some neat LINQ gymnastics. Keeping on the LINQ theme, don’t miss Matt Berseth’s foray into building a LinkedIn style address book. If you play in the ThreadPool, be very aware that there are some breaking changes with .NET 3.5.

Moving onto more mundane matters, first, the GridViewGuy gives us a good guide to handling drag and drop persistence with JQuery. Devin Rychetnik was at the Black Hat DC 2008 briefings, and he posted an interesting summary of the event. One of the trickiest things to manage in .NET is dealing with unmanaged code—oftentimes in the form of Excel. 4Guys From Rolla started a promising series on importing excel spreadsheets. Rounding out the blogospher, I hereby award Title of the Week to Jesse Ezell for his post “Abstraction: A Condom for Your Code.” All jokes aside, the concept he puts forth is very important to know and love.

Coming out of Microsoft, there were a few items of note. First, IIS.net has been revamped. Second, the WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 Service Pack 1 hotfix rollups have been released. Third, Sql Server Notification Services is officially DOA in Sql 2008. In case you were waiting for Service Pack 1 to deploy Windows Server 2008, you don’t need to wait. And finally, don’t forget to sign up for your local Heroes Happen Here launch events.