.NET on the ‘NET April 2 – 8 : All your Yahoo are belong to us!

Ian Muir

The continuing story of Yahoo and Microsoft opened another chapter this week. Microsoft set forth an ultimatum regarding their acquisition offer [WARNING: Humorous Ballmer Photo] and Yahoo issued a response. I personally hope that this all gets resolved in a nice civilized manner. It’s become pretty clear that the acquisition will probably happen; at this point it’s in Yahoo’s court to decide how it goes down. On the MSDN blogs, Ashish Thapliyal laid out a roadmap for SilverLight 2.0. It looks like your SilverLight 2 Beta 1 apps won’t necessarily work in Beta 2, which should be out in the next few months, and we can expect a release of SilverLight 2 this summer. Finally, How Software is Built posted an interview with Brad Wilson regarding Codeplex and some general discussion about Open-source and Microsoft.

As for tutorials, Bob Familiar posted a good overview of some of the best SilverLight 2.0 tutorials around. Your Websites, Our Passion posted some resources for setting up IIS7 to cooperate with Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, which is key for those of us working on Vista. Custom server control developers can also get some help from Bipin Joshi, who provides a tutorial for creating custom type editors.

In news completely unrelated to the web, Microsoft will be working with Alpine and other manufacturers to bring Sync to the masses. My wife’s car has Sync and I’m personally pretty excited to see it in something a bit faster than a Ford Focus, though I am disappointed that you can’t configure it to use the HAL 9000 voice from 2001.