By Wyatt Barnett

.NET Framework Source Code to be Released!

By Wyatt Barnett

Scott Guthrie has made the very, very cool announcement that the bulk of the .NET framework source code will be released! If you have ever spent hours trying to decypher ASP.NET in reflector, or pulling your hair out trying to make custom controls play well, this should make you a very happy person.

  • dhtmlgod

    This is a great development, can’t wait! I think the tight Visual Studio integration and the download on demand feature is fantastic!

  • Not to steal the thunder of Wyatt’s blog, but eWeek has an interesting take on the subject.,1895,2191754,00.asp

    There’s sound theory in his article, it’s an interesting read.

  • wwb_99

    No worries about stealing thunder– your point is quite valid point Hero Doug.

    I would recommend checking out Miguel de Icaza’s blog post on the subject. It is a very fair and even-handed analysis from the man at the center of the brewing controversy.

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