By Harry Fuecks

Naming Issues

By Harry Fuecks

It’s kind of funny. You write something for what will likely just be a small group of developers, thinking only with your PHP hat on and without considering the impact it might have elsewhere.

The problem is ScriptServer. Since mentioning it on this blog, it’s managed to obliterate the page rank of ScriptServer – “ScriptServer is the complementary alternative to Microsoft

  • I was thinking allong the lines of synonyms for join or bridge (since I think of it as javascript RPC) and along came the word “span”. Throw a j in front of it and you get:
    jspan = JavaScript/Php AligNment

    Plus, there does not seem to be any computer related conflicts :)

  • ScriptSpan might work too.

  • VodkaFish

    I’d go with something that describes more of what it does rather than what it consists of. Lets it grow easier IMO.

  • NotThatBright

    Javascript and PHP interact seamlessly.


  • How about CS[sup]3[/sup]? For “CSSS” or “Client-Side/Server-Side”

  • Steve Kurzeja

    The above ones really are obscure =)

    “Javascript remote scripting” seems to be a common name for this stuff by other authors of such things. Of course, Harry’s implementation is unique but you dont need to convey that in a name.

    Something simple like:

    ya-jsrs (yet another)
    fu-jsrs (egotistic fuecks)

    would do the trick.

  • chase dalton

    I’d go with something funky that has absolutely no connection to the technology draws intrigue. Something like SpiderNickle.

  • jpease

    I’m not to sure about the descriptive name idea. “InteractWithPHPFromJavaScript” just doesn’t roll off the tongue.

    Even with a mildly descriptive name like “ScriptSpan”, the full functionality of the script is not obvious. Get too descriptive and it doesn’t have room to grow.

    I’d say just come up with a name that sounds good. It doesn’t matter. As long as the code is good – people will use it and remember it.

    How about, to play on KillALlDash9’s idea:


    I think it has a nice balance visually – has some meaning – but keeps it real general. Client Side : Server Side. It doesn’t imply which languages are used, leaving room for possible expansion.

  • dijiyd

    Umm.. how about Script Synergy? Both scripting languages in synergy.

  • Seinfeld


  • Constantin Baciu

    I like the Japhis idea….

  • where I’ve linked to it on my Windows server, I’ve called it jsServer.php … thinking you could also do something like jsRemote or just jsGateway – though jsSpan has kind a ring to it as well… or how about ObjectLiteralECMAScriptSerializer ;)

  • Christopher Thompson

    Php And Javascript Active Meta Architecture

  • pete

    how about PHRONT? Like front-end php

  • alsan

    What about SynchroScript, PHPClient or 2Script

  • Toby

    Simply PJSX (Php JavaScript Xml).

  • Ryan Wray

    Static Php, that is all I can think of, and maybe not as descriptive as you are all looking for.

  • PB&J – PHP.. err… Butter :D & Javascript

  • php_man


    Client Side PHP ? or PHP-Remote ? hard to get both JS / PHP and what its doing in the same name!

  • Nelson Menezes


  • ObjectLiteralECMAScriptSerializer – alright! That’s the sort of name that get’s you free membership to the w3 ;)

    CS/SS is cool but think Jason’s “span” probably makes most sense. ScriptSpan could be an option although this is a PHP-only solution right now, server side so probably better to be specific.

    Starting to think jpspan works best (Javascript-PHP-Span)

  • John

    How about FuSe (FUecks SErializer)? :)

    1. A cord of readily combustible material that is lighted at one end to carry a flame along its length to detonate an explosive at the other end.

    Kind of describeds what you are doing here!

    Even funnier.. add Connector to it: ConFuSe ! ;)

  • If you are just looking for a cool word that means “bringing things together” that does not have to be an acronym, I like “coalesce”.

  • ConFuSe – getting even better ;)

  • texdc

    I like ConFuSe, but it’s not exactly the kind of name you want for something intended to simiplify and enhance…IMHO.

    My submission:
    J2P Bridge

    Eventually you drop the Bridge, but that’s the way these things go, right?

  • ghuytro

    I like “LiveClient” or “ActiveClient” or something along those lines.

  • NotThatBright

    I think ConFuSe has a nice ring to it, and whats the harm in a little obfuscation of meaning here and there. =)

  • gadget

    KungFUecks .. But seriously, I like ConFuSe. I think a name like that actually attracts more people, then something like .
    And there is nothing wrong with a little attention :P

  • Vee

    I think you should name it, Bob.

  • texdc

    ActiveClient is cool

  • I like CSSS but rather than CS:SS, I would use CS+SS.


    What about CSConnector (Client-Server Connector), CSBridge, or ScripBridge/ScriBridge ?

  • ConFuSe is kind of growing on me too :)

  • kellan

    ghuytro’s suggested “LiveClient” made me think of “LiveScript”. Accurately describes what it does, I always liked it as a name and its not like anyone still calls JS by its original Livescript monikor anymore.

  • John


    How about simply “PHP Over Javascript (PoJ)”?

  • Anonymous


  • arborint

    I like it too, but maybe ConPHuSe.


  • John

    Even though I knew this before I kind of forgot to mention it.

    Fuse also has another dictionary definition:
    2. To unite or blend, as if melted together.

    Blending JavaScript and PHP… I like it ;)

  • spags

    what about: (and I don’t know if any of these are used for something already)

    LivePHP or LivePJ


    Synergy (from Greek synergos working together)

    Script Synergy

    Web Application Synergy (WAS) .. hmm

    MLEServer (Making Life Easier Server, ok I’m running out of ideas hehe)

  • Johnnyv



  • “Vote Yes On ConFuSe! (issue 35390.54896 section Z23 paragraph 4.5)”

    I’m Jake Smith and I approved this message

  • Jordan

    I like “ScriptSpan”, and “Confuse” is alright (“ConFuSe” is not alright). I guess the former is more descriptive while the latter is more unique.

  • In a Mapping way :
    JPMapjavascript from Php Mapping”
    JSMP : JavaScript Mapped from Php

    In a network way :
    JOP (to pronounce “yop”) or JSOP: JavaScript Over PHP

    I like the last JSOP. Make me think about SOAP and so XML-RPC.

  • How about JSMTP Java Script Messaging To Php

  • Sylvanna Server Engine. I’m a Last Exile fan. :-)

  • ActiveX.

  • JonR

    Con(F|PH)use is actually pretty precise, (as any reader of Neal Stephenson will know); from one of the definitions for confuse on

    1. To mix or blend so that things can not be distinguished; …

  • Based on that lexical definition, and the cool compound-term acronym, I am thinking Confuse all but has this competition locked up :)

  • Version0-00e

    How about PHPBeans? Java has Beans why not PHP ;) :lol:

  • Zoef


  • arborint

    Rather than Conphuse, maybe Inphuse or Suphuse.

  • Darkwind

    All this is well and good, but what I’d like to know is this;

    Who designed the ScriptServer website?

    That is UGLY with a capital UGLY!


  • kaller


  • John

    How about PHPBeans?

    You got it:

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