By Sarah Hawk

Name That Pic

By Sarah Hawk

Over the last month I’ve run a few spontaneous caption competitions on our Facebook page. Some of the responses have been hilarious so I’m going to widen the audience and see what comes out of it.

I imagine this process will be an evolving one, but for now let’s keep it simple. Post your caption idea in the comments section and I’ll pick a couple of winners at my discretion. (Tip: I have an inappropriate sense of humour.) I’ll run this over the weekend and pick a winner early next week (it’s currently Friday afternoon here in NZ).

Here is this week’s photo:

The winning entries from Facebook were “Ok, do you see a black cable? Just plug it in to the back of the monitor” and “My other computer is a laptop”. You can see the rest of the entries here. The best two entries (in my opinion) will win themselves digital copies of PHP Master: Write Cutting Edge Code.

  • Ryan Heldt

    “Imagine what a mess this would be without the velcro cable ties.”

  • “Charles’ difficulties with tying shoelaces extended long into his professional life.”

  • Are you sure its plugged in ?

  • Rules of Explosive Ordinance Disposal
    1. Cut the red wire.
    2. If there is no red wire, cut the black one.

  • “Is the monitor plugged in?”
    “I’m not entirely sure.”

  • Okay .. I’ll kick things off! And no – I dont expect to win anything being a SitePointer myself :)

    “… and I thought teaching my 7 year old how to untangle his shoe laces was hard!”

  • amy

    Digital de•fense mech•an•isms
    Wi – pression:
    “If I can just push all this stuff out of sight every thing will be fine…”

  • Andy

    “the bowels of the machine”

    …just popped into my head!

  • Microsoft’s new network management tool is still missing a few features.

  • Anthony thomas

    That reminds me, Spag-bol for dinner tonight….

  • Dave

    “Whatever you do don’t cut the blue wire”
    “Got it, cut the blue wire”
    “I said don’t cut the blue wire!”

  • Lee

    Don’t worry, I know this code like the back of my desk…

  • Jay Gilford

    Now which one of these was for the beer fridge

  • “Dammit, the snake got out again and I know he’s there somewhere!”

  • DaveMaxwell

    But this IS organized! See the velcro straps?

  • Cable Jungle

  • So easy, even a cheerleader could do it!

  • Now, you’re going to see a white, blue, and black wire. Cut the black one.

  • studentofIT

    Hey what should I do with these spare cable ties?

  • Taoist Totty

    Now with the cabling tidy we will move onto the server room

  • Taoist Totty

    We have based or cabling on the business structure….

  • My contribution: “There is a cable for that”

  • Paul

    “When I told you I was gonna lay some cable, you had something else in mine huh?”

    Little rude but you did say you liked inappropriate ;)

  • Staff: My monitor won’t turn on
    IT: Can you check the black Monitor Power Cable?
    Staff: Please hold while I work this out -> is your bedroom this messy?
    IT: ummmm

  • Paul

    “When I told you I was gonna lay some cable, you had something else in mind huh?”

    Little rude but you did say you liked inappropriate ;)

  • zuzu

    “Plug and Play with new Cableroni”

  • Timothy Jack

    “Uhh…… ok, lets start this again.”

  • Timothy Jack

    “Ok, you see this wire?… No wait……”

  • Nikolaj Opstrup

    “the real power of the web” – all puns intended ;-)

  • Matt Asbury

    If WordPress did wiring…

  • What do you mean cut the black wire? THEY ARE ALL BLACK WIRES!

    • JasonC


  • “And this is the point in the tour where we ask any Health and Safety auditors to open the envelope written out to Mr Bribe McBriberson”

  • Sam

    Might of just found another job for the Intern…

  • “ok. I got this. All I’ll need is about 8 pounds of sherbet dip….”

  • oh god, a time bomb! we’ve only 2 minutes to find the right wire to disarm it and save the world!
    (2min later)…BOOOM

  • Rochelle

    Making a play to knock “untangling the Christmas lights” off its number one “most hated job” spot is this entry.

  • Casey

    Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. – Einstein. I think we can go simpler still.

  • “Sometimes the best cable management solution is a machete.”

  • Before wireless power there was a tangle of cables behind old computer equipment.

  • Jonathan Xiang

    Honey, as I said, a few simple wirings and we are in the digital age.

  • benjibones

    “You just need to disconnect the black wire…”
    “You should see their code!”
    “Welcome to Monday morning”
    “A clean desk is a sign of… well, we wouldn’t know, would we?”
    “Every spring the snakes came out to mate…”

    How’s zat?? :-D

  • Jamie

    What a tangled web we weave when sit down at the PC

  • You think this looks bad? You should see the top of my desk.

  • The good news is we have finally created the paperless office. The bad news…

  • Jason

    “How to use cable ties effectively.”

  • Mary

    “…time to upgrade’.

  • There all cleaned up. Good thing I had those cable ties!

  • “Made in Italy”. That is a spaghetti reference, OK so it’s a long shot, but I just woke up!

  • Helen Natasha Moore

    Anyone seen my pen? …

  • Gavin M. Northey

    Which one of these connects to the cloud!?

  • Eranga Tennakoon

    for me it’s more clear than mine…

  • Timothy Jack

    “Sorry, this is the wrong desk. We are going to have to get you to re-setup over there.”

  • Mike Cunneen

    Now all we need is a giant fork and a gallon of pesto.

  • Lee

    So you think we would work better as a team if we adopt cable standards

  • These are brilliant. Love it.

    My favourite two are Matt Asbury with “If WordPress did wiring…” and Timothy Jack with
    “Sorry, this is the wrong desk. We are going to have to get you to re-setup over there.”

    Congratulations guys, you’ve both won yourselves a copy of PHP Master: Write Cutting Edge Code.

    Neither of you left an email address so get in touch with me on and I’ll hook you up with your prizes.

    Keep your eye out later this week for a new competition.

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