MySQL Clustering and Security

By Blane Warrene

I wrote briefly about securing MySQL last week and Andrew-J2000 suggested he was looking for a bit more depth into the clustering side of the scenario. I have recommended some additional links here for night-table reading to study up on some case studies, documentation and other miscellany involved with clustering MySQL.

When it comes to MySQL – one of the best sources remains the vendor. MySQL AB has developed alot of credibility based on its extensive documentation and depth of community participants in extending tips and techniques. There are numerous links out to further resources including training.

There were some nice links here on O’Reilly. Also, a PDF presentation by Brad Fitzpatrick on Live Journal’s monstrous MySQL implementation which should help.

Finally there is also a very nice How To which includes configuration and security tips by Alex Davies.

  • Hi Blane,

    I should have included replication in that sentence too. Whilst, I have been looking at the benefits of clustering the current environment, I am a little wary of aspects such as

  • As far as use of dmz’s – I always recommend using three dmzs:

    One for web servers, one for application servers and the most restricted for database servers. This layering method for larger implementations allows for tighter control on security and downplays the security issue of holding databases in primary memory. However – this does boost the level of hardware one must invest in. Being that only larger projects go to this level of network divisions – the budget usually supports beefier hardware requirements.

    I will look through my research on replication and see what I have.

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