Mozilla Foundation looking for Web Developers (volunteers)

By Harry Fuecks

If you’ve got the spare time and looking for an interesting project for your portfolio (i.e. work for free) see here;

We are looking for three programmers who are proficient in Perl or other web apps languages and can volunteer their time and skill to help us build the tools we will need to make three upcoming community marketing campaigns successful. These are some of our most exciting campaigns yet and promise to net us hundreds of thousands of users if executed properly. The work that’s needed is simple and should be trivial for anyone skilled in perl or other web apps languages. Please send mail to blake at if you are interested and would like more details.

PHP fits in that “other web apps languages” category ;)

  • Possibility

    Who’s up at 6:32 AM? :p

    I’ve probably already missed my chance by now, though.

  • HarryF

    Who’s up at 6:32 AM?

    It’s 3pm here ;)

    I’ve probably already missed my chance by now, though.

    You never know till you try.

  • yjgx007

    he he, I think to develop for Mozilla project, but my time is lower.

    blake’s email?

  • dbalsdon

    blake’s email?

    look hard enough, its there in the original posting

  • JOHNE59

    Perl is C and C is as close to assembler as you can get, without actually going there.

  • illuminosity

    In the same manner that spaghetti is flour, and flour is as close to wheat grains as you can get without going there, I suppose?

  • t94xr

    then what are the wheat grain seeds?

  • bind727

    they are not as tasty as spaghetti.

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