Mozilla 2.0 XUL: script type = application/x-python

Interesting post on Brendan Eichs blog: Mozilla 2.0 platform must-haves.

– would make XUL embeddable in other platforms (perhaps PHP-XUL cf. PHP-GTK?)

– Python support: a later comment suggests:


Given deep misunderstanding of Javascript and Pythons growing popularity, seems like a very smart move. Whether that would become a default part of Firefox, allowing web apps to use client side Python is another question though.

Some insightful comments as well, such as;

1 of 2: Documentation.
2 of 2: Test suites.

1. Establishing trust and newbie productivity on a platform is more important than whether a platform can technically do any given thing out of the box, or even at all.

2. Documentation and lack of bugs compared to that documentation is more important for establishing trust and newbie productivity than anything else.

XUL may be a great idea but getting people to use it is another thing.