By Harry Fuecks

More XMLHttpRequest madness: JPSpan 0.4

By Harry Fuecks

After renaming this, the next release is finally out.

The release notes explain roughly what’s changed – given the name change took the opportunity to break every API I could find ;) Actually not that bad and should now be less work writing servers.

The newest and “most exciting” example, complete with very dodgy HTML, is the logger which allows you to read and update a log file on the server at the same time. Have tried to explain what the examples are doing here.

Anyway – downloads at

Otherwise, a couple more nice examples of XMLHttpRequest in action (not JPSpan BTW) – wordpress calendar plugin (try browsing through the months top right) and LiveWiki (double click in the sandbox…)

  • Marcus Whitney

    Excellent Harry. This is a really great contribution to the PHP community, keep up the good work. I’ll download and play with it and give you some feedback next week!

  • David Hay


    I am using XMLHTTPRequest and would like to be able to display a modeless dialog (or set a message via DHTML) to the user prior to making the request to warn them that there may be a delay (in my app, this can be up to 5 seconds before the response). Problem is that no matter what I do (create a window, use popup, set an element value using innerHTML) the screen does not update until after the response has been received!
    Does any one know how to force the browser to re-draw before executing the XMLHTTPRequest call? I’m using IE and Firefox…


  • Probably the best place for feedback right now is either the bug tracker, this blog or somewhere on the wiki.

    Got inboxes right now that make me enjoy things like doing the washing up.

  • dusoft

    Actually, the example with the country autocompletion sucks. Try to input Czech Republic, even after writing Czech, it get automatically changed to Caledonia. That is not really logical and it seems to me the example is buggy. Same goes for United States/Kingdom and few other examples. Almost each country I’ve tried had some problems…

  • I can’t get CVS annonymous access to JPSPAN :(

    cvs login
    Logging in to
    CVS password:
    cvs [login aborted]: unrecognized auth response from M PserverBackend::Pser
    verBackend() Connect (Connection refused)

  • Actually, the example with the country autocompletion sucks.

    Guilty ;) As suggested here;

    Use of events is clunky but shows the basic idea.

    May sort that out later but the example is intended to focus on the use of JPSpan.

    I can’t get CVS annonymous access to JPSPAN :(

    Not good. Right now not doing anything (release is the latest) but SF is about to make some big changes to it’s servers, which may be related. They also have periods where things go offline. Best keep trying.

  • Mark

    Anyone know how to manipulate the browser DOM from php, JPSPAN doesnt seem to do this, or have I missed somthing?

  • Mark C

    You can check out my use of JPSpan on my little image search site

    well ok…maybe it’s not that interesting…


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