By Simon Willison

More on WHAT

By Simon Willison

Support for the work of the WHAT WG is gathering speed, with the most recent high profile interest coming from Joel Spolsky. Joel’s recent essay How Microsoft Lost the API War made a convincing case for the huge importance of web applications moving forward, with the notable conclusion that:

The new API is HTML, and the new winners in the application development marketplace will be the people who can make HTML sing.

Responses to Joel’s suggestions are already flooding in, with some of the most interesting coming from Dean Jackson of the W3C.

If you have an opinion on the future of web application development, now is a great time to air it.


  • It’s a prettty long article, but well worth the effort. Very interesting.

  • tomByrer

    Thanks for keeping us posted! So many tasks that most people do (email, write documents, basic spreadsheets, calendar, contact lists, journaling…) can & are done online on a web server. Why have a 3GHz computer with a $150 OS when you can do it all on a 5 year old machine?

    I don’t think you can count out Microsoft though. Most of us remeber when IE wasn’t a force on the net, now Microsoft still owns about 94% of the webpage trafic on browsers that are 5-3 years old. They took over alot of content (slate, MSNBC+) and are revamping their search engine side.

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