By Harry Fuecks

More on PHP Security

By Harry Fuecks

The WACT Wiki now has a page about Php Application Security which (I assume, judging from the style) Jeff added. Right now it’s a pretty much a checklist for things to watch out for, plus links to many a bedtime read (or not if you like to sleep well).

Although the WIKI was originally intended for documenting WACT, it seems to have taken on a life of it’s own, with pages like that about the Template View having become almost infamous. Good to see it’s become a shared resource, useful to PHP developers in general.

Feel free to add your input to Php Application Security and the pages leading off from it.

  • mmj

    Some good starting points, though the points there at the moment seem to biased toward the ‘security by obscurity’ approach.

  • Jerry

    Check out SecurePHP. It’s another wiki devoted to PHP security.

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