By Matthew Magain

More Free Stuff? Yep, Take A Quiz And Win A Book!

By Matthew Magain

We seem to be doing a lot of these giveaways lately!

The latest Flex article that we set live today on, Map Your OpenSocial Data Using FLex, follows a trend of late—complete a quiz to test your knowledge of the tutorial, and you can win a copy of Jack Herrington’s pocket guide, Getting Started With Flex 3 (that’s the print version), delivered to your door for free!

You’ll have to be quick though—only the first 100 people will receive the book (if you’ve signed up to receive a book from previous giveaways, be kind and don’t grab another one, eh?). If you miss out, don’t despair though. Everyone else can still download a PDF of the book.

Take the quiz!

  • Marcus

    31 left! Got mine!

  • tongferlion

    yeay! mine just arrived at my doorstep

  • Michael

    These contests are a great idea, but they leave many of us out of the running simply because by the time we find out about them, all of the copies are gone.

    Looking at the timestamps of the posts above, I have to wonder if maybe its because we’re out on the West Coast of the U.S.

    Anyway, thanks for the free PDF version.

  • hiddenpearls

    i will be happy if i will get my book at my door .. i won 2 books so far for Adobe Air and other is Flex3 ..

    i didn’t got any one ..
    matty told me he will find the reason but still not got reply back form him .

    hey , guys .. u there ?

  • Hi hiddenpearls. Can you email me (mjm @ this domain) with your details? I’m travelling at the moment but will find out for you what’s going on when I’m back in the office next week.

  • hiddenpearls

    @matty :

    i have sent u my details at ur Private messages few days ago , when i asked u about the book in the forum thread ..

    do u want me again ?
    if yes then (mjm @ this domain) at ?

  • hiddenpearls I haven’t received any private messages from you. Please email me. Thanks.

  • hiddenpearls

    what is your email address matty ?
    i have sent u again my details to you . if u got let me know that u got . if not then let me know too . i will post here , otherwise send me your email here .


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