By Matthew Magain

More Free Stuff? Yep, Take A Quiz And Win A Book!

By Matthew Magain
Last chance to win! You'll get a... FREE 6-Month Subscription to SitePoint Premium Plus you'll go in the draw to WIN a new Macbook SitePoint 2017 Survey Yes, let's Do this It only takes 5 min

We seem to be doing a lot of these giveaways lately!

The latest Flex article that we set live today on, Map Your OpenSocial Data Using FLex, follows a trend of late—complete a quiz to test your knowledge of the tutorial, and you can win a copy of Jack Herrington’s pocket guide, Getting Started With Flex 3 (that’s the print version), delivered to your door for free!

You’ll have to be quick though—only the first 100 people will receive the book (if you’ve signed up to receive a book from previous giveaways, be kind and don’t grab another one, eh?). If you miss out, don’t despair though. Everyone else can still download a PDF of the book.

Take the quiz!

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