Momentum for Firefox

By Blane Warrene
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Not that it did not have any momentum – but Firefox has the potential to gain another 80,000 users even as it surpasses 10 million downloads.

Penn State University has issued an advisory to students and staff urging them to discontinue use of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and propose the adoption of alternate browsers, including Firefox, Safari, Mozilla and Opera.

The apparent tech policy change was driven largely by continuing security issues revolving around Internet Explorer.

We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • Shocker

    Thats my school!!!! GO Penn State!! lol

  • It would be useful if some ISP’s sent out similar advisories to their customers, or even better, if they bundled alternative browsers with their setup software.

    The average Joe doesn’t even realise that there are other browsers to be had and continues using Explorer because it ships with Windows and in their experience is THE tool for the job.

    Nice one Penn State!!

  • drakke

    I use IE for one website that has some serverside/java applet that for some reason will not run in Firefox.

    IE is closely tied to the MS suite of software that I doubt if it will ever be replaced as long as there are MS technologies in Web servers or Firefox emulates IE better (which is probably not a good idea).

  • andre

    nothing can replace IE in Windows in tasks that need system integration, like the Windows Update. ever.

    but for regular browsing, I consider it dangerous and obsolete :) I use Firefox instead :)

    of course on other OSes, IE doesn’t exist

  • mpdesigns

    Proprietary standards need to be done with. IE has run this, “its our way or the hightway” routine long enough. Its time for change.

  • Hey even the US government was saying that it would be a good idea right? I am soo happy that I dropped IE !!!!!!!

    Tabbed browsing, skins plugins .. wow what was I doing on that dinosaur browser.

  • Bahamut

    I love Firefox and use it constantly, but am surprised that Microsoft is content to just sit back and let it siphon users away from IE. Longhorn is still a ways off, and if they really are going to wait until it ships to put out a new version of IE, Firefox might have already dethroned it by then. We can only hope…

  • My school has slapped Firefox on a few machines. Too bad they have not upgraded to the final version.

  • Harris

    Despite the fact that firefox is fast, i still think ie is better. firefos is incabable of shwoing stylesheet correctly, bulgy images, and cant run javascript. i love ie and i think its better.

  • Dorsey

    Until Wintel systems ship with either no browser, thus causing users to actually shop around, or something other than IE, IE will remain king. Analogously, how many people swap out the stereo that comes with their new car, even though there is probably something better to be had?

  • watashi wa newdok

    Firefox **DOES** support javascript(aside from some non-standard micrsoft bits), but i’ve had almost no trouble with any run of the mill site.
    Also, Not including a browser in new computers might actually be more of a disaster – where, prey tell, should user aquire one to begin with?

    as for IE, its scum. junk utter junk. keep it around for Windows update if you want, but don’t bother to use it on the internet. Firefox is soo much more enjoyable.

  • Dan

    “how many people swap out the stereo that comes with their new car, even though there is probably something better to be had?”

    There’s a SERIOUS difference between this analogy and the reality of the current browser situation… my car stereo doesn’t allow unsavory characters access to my car in order to disable or steal things from it. :)

  • I think Harris is shwoing very clearly that as opposed to firefos, ie is better suited for a certain type of user ;)

  • I use Firefox because it provides safer surfing but I’m afraid as it grows more popular more scummy apps and malware will start to try to find ways to compromise surfer’s computers that use it.

  • I build all my sites for Firefox – why bother with cross-browser compatability if MS doesn’t seem to care if their browser works or not! Thank you Mozilla guys for this fabulous and unbeatable app.

  • trojjer

    I much prefer Firefox really, but I’ll admit that IE still remains my default browser. It’s just quicker to load; I’m not staring at a splash screen momentarily waiting for the window to appear and then start downloading content…

    Shameful, I know, but I think that’s an issue they need to try and resolve. Can’t really blame them though; and everything else they’ve done thus far is admirable. I can’t wait for the day when I can finally scrap IE as the default! :)

  • j1mg

    i’ve had a number of sites, go to a page that says “you are not using ie, this site is designed to work properly with ie” or words to that effect.
    But the other day i found a site that advised me to “UPGRADE to ie” which i have to say did make me laugh.

  • Kermit

    1) firefox’s support for CSS clearly outdoes IE partial implementation (MS has already stated that Longhorn will provide a more complete implementation of CSS 1 and CSS 2)
    2) For some necessary sites, I can use the firefox extension which pop’s up an IE instance of the current tab/page on the right-click menu.
    3) IE’s usage of XSL translation is woefully underpowered compared to Mozilla or Firefox
    4) Firefox also has an extension, to advertise it’s self as any string you want it to (including IE) as such, it outperforms IE except for VB dhtml error recovery.
    MS has argued the IE is designed to work even when the web page is massivly misformed. Firefox, Mozilla and Opera presume that pages have been constructed “mostly” correct.

  • scattermachine

    I recently installed Firefox and enjoy browsing with it. There are a few sites that only work with IE, so I’m keeping it around just in case. I needed it the other day for a US government site.

    When I get time, I’m going to put this new browser through some serious testing. I’ve heard a lot of great things about it and think it deserves the attention it’s been getting lately.

    It’s nice to have a variety of options available. For a long time, I felt the MS world was good enough, until recently.

    I’m sure that as Firefox gets more popular, we’ll start hearing about nine-year-old kids in other countries that have exploited weaknesses in it and the security hassles will begin. It may become a target for praanksters and people who want to help us by ‘pointing out the security flaws’ in the product. Lucky us!

    But seriously, it’s about time we have an IE killer.

  • Firefox is just a hype it will die

    Look a little bi further and you will find much better browsers, try “Avant browser” for instance.
    Its all you’ll ever need from a browser. It uses the IE layout render but its faster and has fixed most security flaws. Ive never had a toolbar penetrate it in 6 years :)

  • trojjer

    Interesting, but still, that doesn’t mean to say that is is any more Standards orientated than IE6… I heard no mention of _that_ on that site. I mean, yeah, so a lot of XHTML/CSS Standards etc talk is a bit “boulderdash” in utter truth, I think, but some of it has merit. Meh, it doesn’t matter. I don’t think Firefox will just suddenly “keep over and die” though, that does seem a bit… “harsh”, lol.

  • Dunk

    Firefox is just a hype it will die

    I guess two and a half years of ever increasing market share for Firefox has proved this little gem wrong.