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    Harry Fuecks

    So there I was, getting ready for the PHP vs. Javascript showdown and I happened to take another glance at wxJS after being tipped off a while back here.

    After more than four years work (Sourceforge registration date) the project is now at 0.8.4. And it’s not only doing the GUI part wxWidgets (C++); it’s also doing DBs and Files and ZIPs. wxWidgets means more than just GUI APIs – there’s other stuff available such networking, config file managers and logging – all to help you to write cross platform GUIs in C++.

    wxJS also provides XML support (OK Expat not libxml2 but anyway) and Spidermonkey’s E4X support is apparently enabled.

    But theres more: mod_wxJS is an Apache module in the same vein as mod_php (seems more like mod_perl in fact – looks like apps startup with Apache). Sure there are a few choices for server side Javascript but I’ll dare to say the only real alternative contender is haXe, which strikes me as more like Actionscript than Javascript. Meanwhile, judging from the responses to this, there’s a demand for server side Javascript, especially if it’s the same one available in your favorite browser.

    Not that I’ve tried wxJS yet but fascinating stuff ;) Right now Windows only binaries but looks buildable on Linux.

    (Silliness alert) So ignoring one or two minor technical details, there’s a potential for Javascript “all ur base” here – imagine server-side AJAX! prototype for your desktop GUI! Javascript everywhere! Microsoft were ahead of their time.